The Antelope Orchids

The Ceretobe (or Spathulata) Dendrobiums, are usually rampant growers, requiring a well drained shallow pot or basket, with a rich media that will also drain well but still retain moisture, to stay just damp but not wet. Maximum sunlight, even to slight leaf burn, will ensure flowering, and ofcourse a warm place if you do not live in the wet tropics.

        When the plant is in active growth, a lot of fertiliser will be of benefit. While the plants can grow to a fair size, a smaller pot with a bit of excess sunlight tends to keep the canes managable.

Dendrobium antennatum. New Guinea to Cape York..A variable species both in plant and flower, with  var D'Albertsii being one of the more compact growers.
Dendrobium green antelope . This appears to be a cooler growing species that originated from New Guinea. It is perhaps best described as a green Dend cochlioides, being somewhat similar, but with larger flowers and tall twisted antlers. Perhaps best grown on  treefern, as it tends to climb  out of a pot.

Dendrobium gouldii. This is a large robust grower, with several colour forms.


Dendrobium helix is also variable in colour and flower shape.

Dendrobium helix "Pomio Brown"  is a more chocolate brown colour with the antler apexs appear to be slightly wider. Note the expanded lateral lobes of the labellum which tends to differentiate it from Dendrobium talasea.


 Dendrobium helix "Yellow" is a more colourfull form.Photo Paul Zorn.
Dend lasianthera "Sepik Blue" is a  warm grower from a wet and hot  part of the world, the Sepik River of North West New Guinea. Also named Dendrobium ostrinoglossum. See "Captain Blood's Sepik Blue Dendrobe"  NewsletterSeptember01

  Dendrobium nindii (Dendrobium toftii) A native of North Queensland where it grows epiphytically on the edges of mangroves and in swamps, thus requiring warm and high humidity conditions. It also extends into New Guinea, that form usually referred to as Dend ionoglossum.


Dendrobium Schullerii  (left) is a very robust large grower from Indonesia.
Dendrobium stratiotes. is a species belonging to a group of antelope Dendrobiums from the Indonesian Celebes, Sunda Isles. It is a large very warm growing species.
Dendrobium sylvanum.(right) is a very wide spread species from New Guinea to Australia. Also called Dend warianum and Dend wilkianum, an epiphytic on the edges of mangroves, the Australian form which tends to self pollinate

 Dendrobium talasea  (brown form left) This also will grow into a tall robust plant. Note the narrower labellum with lobes not spread, perhaps differentiating it from Dend helix. It is variable in size and colour.


Dendrobium talasea  photo of a more yellow coloured form
Dendrobium talasea "Mushroom Pink" 
Dendrobium tangerinum. Photo small growing form. Variable in plant and flower size.
   Dendrobium taurinum is a very warm growing species from the tropical parts of the Philippines. A very showy white and rich magenta antelope orchid, often called the Bull Orchid (hense taurinum) for its large  horn like petals.


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