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Culture.   Callista Dendrobiums, Dend amabile and the farmeri group.
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In FLASK.    Oncidium wydlerii, Dendrobium racemosum, Dendrobium topaziacum. 
In PLANTS. Cattleya blossfeldziana.
Ready to replate.    Dendrobium amabile (bronckartii), Aerides odorata alba x alba, Cattleya harrisoneae, Oncidium sarcodes, Colax jugosus.
Culture.   Callista Dendrobiums, Dend amabile and the farmeri group.  
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Photos in this issue. Above Dendrobium amabile, Oncidium sarcodes, Dendrobium chrysotoxum.

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New in Flask.
Oncidium wydlerii is a robust growing species in the same group as O. spacelatum, O. multiflorum, with tall spikes to 2 metres or more, branched, with many yellow and chestnut brown flowers. Best grown in a basket in a bright sunny position.
Dendrobium racemosum is an Australian native species from the higher areas of North Queensland. An Intermediate grower, it has erect terete leaves and a spike of cream coloured flowers. It is best grown on a mount, lots of sunlight and good ventilation. Our thanks to Chris Rooms, who purchased a flask several years ago and has flowered and set seed pods to keep the species going. Great conservation.
Dendrobium topaziacum from the Philippines is a pedilonum section species that has bright orange bottlebrush like heads of flowers. The lip is striped red. An easy to grow species, in a pot or basket in a media that will stay damp but not wet.The flowers are produced on the old leafless canes. Intermediate grower, but very adaptable.
New in Plants.
 Cattleya blossfeldziana is reputed to be the natural cross between Cattleya rex and Cattleya luteola. A typical cattleya in culture, requiring good ventilation with a well drained media and lots of sunlight. The flowers are yellow. Seedlings are growing well in small slotted pots in a spagh, isolite mix.
Ready to Replate.
  Dendrobium amabile, also known as Dend bronkartianum, is a rare species from Indo China. Long lost to cultivation apart from a few plants in European collections, this has now been successfully raised in flask.
One of the orginial parents of the well known Dend mousmee, it is similar in habit and flower to Dendrobium farmerii, but the plants are huge in comparison, to 80 cm tall, with large grape like clusters of white flowers flushed pink and the yellow orange labellum.
Best grown under intermediate conditions, in a basket or well drained pot in a media that will saty damp but not wet. A drier rest during the cooler months will promote flowering in the Spring.
        Aerides odorata alba x alba. A slightly different form from Thailand, the plants are much smaller and the spike tends to be erect.the flowers are way white, very fragrant appear to drip nectar. Use a small basket, warm to interemdiate conditions with a well drained media to grow the plants.
Cattleya harrisoneae. A charming Brazilian species that is a good robust grower. Requires a typical cattleya culture to produce a tall spike of several waxy flowers.
Oncidium sarcodes. A small quantity in flask of this very showy species with the large yellow skirt spotted red. Typical Oncidium culture, needs some extra shade and either a basket or a slab to grow on.
Colax jugosus is a very showy Brazilian species with white flowers with the petals marbled chocolate purple, violet purple. An intermediate to cool grower, it needs a media that will stay damp and extra shade and protection for the soft light green foliage.
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Culture.  Callista Dendrobiums.
A section of Dendrobium from India to Malaya and Indo China is characterised by having large cylindrical to club shaped pseudobulbs and several leathery leaves that are persistant. The flowers are produced in grape like bunchs and in most cases are highly scented.
They are very amenable to cultivation and respond well in a media that is well drained but not wet. The plants wil grow into quite large specimens and will require a large container, but initially should be grown somewhat under potted in a basket or well drained pot. Maximum sunlight is essential to promote flowering.
Dendrobium amabile, Indo China, white flushed pink with a orange yellow labellum.
Dendrobium chrysotoxum, India thru to Thailand, with a var occulata ( 2 maroon blotches in the lip), flowers all waxy orange, frangrant, and produced more as a spike than a bunch. Photo right.
Dendrobium densiflorum, India, has large bunches of fragile looking orange flowers, also very fragrant.
Dendrobium farmerii ranges from India to Thailand and comes in two colour forms. The Indian species tends to be a heavier more robust plant and the flowers are white flushed pink with a yellow labellum. The Thailand form is known as var albiflorum, it is a more slender plant and the flowers are pure white with a yellow labellum. Both have a similar delicious perfume and are worth growing just for the fragrance during the warmth of the day.
Dendrobium griffithianum, from Burma, is a plant very similar to D farmerii, but the flowers are all yellow. It is distinguished from D. farmerii by the very thich heavy leaf when not in flower. Dend griffithianum will also flower both in autumn and in late spring.
Dendrobium palpaebrae, from Thailand, is very similar to Dend farmerii albflorum, but the flowers are flushed pink. It is the earliest of the group to flower, late winter.
Dendrobium sulcatum, an Indian species, has the pseudobulbs flattened. The flowers, in a bunch, are somewhat bell like, and best viewed by holding the plant aloft to see the delicate yellow flowers with red veins inside the somewhat tubular labellum.
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum, from Thailand, is closely related to Dend densiflorum  but the flowers are white with the yellow labellum.
Species highlighted are links to more details.
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Did you know ?
IMPORTANT  NOTE  for USA  importers.
USDA has, from January 2002, begun to enforce the requirement for a Phytosanitary Certificate for all plant and plant material imports. This is not a new regulation, but the implementation of a rule that has previously not been enforced.
ALL FLASKS  imported into USA will now require a Phytosanitary Certificate.
Burleigh Park does provide this Phytosanitary Certificate at cost.
Flasks are still  CITES  exempt.
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Phytosanitary Certificate requirements for all countries.
We are preparing a data base for the import requirements for Phytosanitary Certificates for as many countries as possible.
If you have permits or other information, please contact us so that we can include as many countries as possible. A snailmail photo copy would be ideal.
The data base will list the various requirements to import flasks and orchid plants into each country and any special requirements pertaining to Phytosanitary Certificates.
We all dislike red tape, but the Certificates and Permits  mean disease and pest free imports and quicker delivery to you.
Do you set seed pods on your treasured species orchids? The best conservation, sow seed.
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Due to the need for a filtered air vent on flasks to allow exchange of gasses, a reliable air filter medium is needed.
Non absorbant cotton wool allows gas exchange but does not absorb moisture. Thus the air filter will stay dry and prevent the growth of fungus thru the filter, a common problem with ordinary cotton wool which gets wet, goes mouldy and allows the mould to grow thru the filter to contaminate the flask.
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      Trouble Brewing By Claude Morris.
He came walking through the forest in the summer's glaring sun
In his left hand was a bottle, in the other a gun.
His beard was wild and bushy and his hair was shaggy too.
And his old stray hat was full of holes where tuffs of hair came through.
I stood and waited for him as he came with steady stride.
And I studied his appearance till he halted by my side.
He wasn't old, nor was he young, but some where in between.
And his heavy eyebrows almost hid his eyes of greyish green.
Then he handed me the bottle, "You must have a drink" he said.
And I heard him cock the rifle he presented at my head.
"Yes, take a swig of my home brew, and you will be the first.
To have a chance of trying my recipe for thirst".
The rifle never wavered, and it pointed straight at me.
And I lifted up the bottle with a very shaky hand.
And a silent prayer to Heaven as I followed his command.
I swallowed twice, and God Above! That brew had come from Hell!
I know my head exploded and it drowned my dying yell.
I fell upon the dusty ground and grovelled there in pain.
Vowing he could shoot me but I wouldn't drink again
When the pain and shock receded and I staggered to my feet.
"It was awful! it was awful! " I could hear my voice repeat.
Then I heard the brewer speaking and he said, "Yes. I agree!
Now give me back the bottle, and you hold the gun on me!"
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