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In FLASK.  Photo right Dendrobium hercoglossum 
Ready to replate.
Culture.  Ceretobe Dendrobiums...
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New in Flask.
 Zygopetalum mackayii nigrescens From Brazil. Green sepals and petals, blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. Best grown in a large pot in a Cymbid type media. Lots of water and fertiliser with the new growth, a drier rest in winter to encourage flowering. Will grow happily in most conditions from cool to warm.
Cattleya quadricolor Flowers to 17cm, blush white to pink somewhat bell like flowers, aka  Cattleya chocoense. It is similar to Cattleya trianae and requires the same conditions.
Trichoglottis ionosma Branched spike, yellow spotted brown, lip white, heart shaped. Article Another Trichoglottis
Oncidium eurycline Like Oncidium croesus and barbatum. Sepals and petals dark brown, lip vidid yellow. Slab culture. An intermediate grower, with lots of sunlight short of leaf burn to encourage flowering.
  Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
New in Plants.
Seedlings 5 and 7.5 cm pots
Aerides jarkianum  I.W. Philippines Spikes of waxy burgundy flowers, fragrant.
Dendrobium punamense  I New Guinea A minature Latourea with green and white flowers.
Paph spicerianum giganteum  C.I.W. India Clear green, white, lip green brown, veined. Flowers to 10cm
Dendrobium spectabile   I. New Guinea Latourea. Large weird twisted flowers, yellow/green red stripes/spots
Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana  Rare. Smaller grower, large brilliant rose-magenta to pale rose flowers to 5cm.Rare.
Community pot of 6 plants
Paphiopedilum praestans x primulinum  I.  Yellow striped red praestans crossed all yellow primulinum. A yellow Paph jogjae?
Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
Ready to Replate.
 Some Aussies.
 Cymbidium suave  Clear green flowers, lip with a dark disc. Fragrant.
Dendrobium wassellii  Stout erect terete leaf. Showy plumes of white flowers, slabs/basket
Dendrobium discolor "giant"  Flowers larger than normal, rich yellow brown, margins much crisped. Belongs to the Ceretobe Dendrobes, see article below.
Dendrobium species SP4/B001025 Photo below. New Guinea. New species, large chocolate brown antelope, blue labellum.  See article below
Phaius bernaysii  yellow Australia. Lutino. Like Phaius tankervilleae but yellow with yellow and white lip.(Linked for culture notes) Sib cross 2 good clone sthat did not self pollinate.
   From the Philippines
Gramm marteae Tall spikes of large filled in fls to 8 cm, rich dark glossy brown. Very showy Article Grammatophyllums; In the wild and in the orchid house,
   And from Brazil
Cattleya nobilior amaliae x self.  Stout bulb, flowers to 13cm, flat, glistening blue flush petals, semi alba. Large flat textured flowers. Showy, much like Cattleya walkeriana and linked for culture notes.
Dendrobium hercoglossum  ( Photo top of page) Thailand. Small growing softcane species, clusters of pink purple flowers enmass. Fragrant. Does well in a small pot or on a slab of trefern with extra water.
            Species highlighted are links to photos.
More photos at
Culture.  Ceretobe Dendrobiums.
Dendrobium nindii  A native of North Queensland where it grows epiphytically on the edges of mangroves and in swamps, thus requiring warm and high humidity conditions. It also extends into New Guinea, that form usually referred to as Dend ionoglossum.
Dendrobium taurinum  is a very warm growing species from the tropical parts of the Philippines. A very showy white and rich magenta antelope orchid, often called the Bull Orchid for its large robust horn like petals.
Dendrobium green antelope This appears to be a cooler growing species that originated from New Guinea. It is perhaps best described as a green Dend cochlioides, being somewhat similar, but with larger flowers and tall twisted antlers. Perhaps best grown on a piece of treefern, as it tends to climb up out of a pot.
Dendrobium lasianthera "Sepik Blue"   is a  warm growing Ceretobe Dendrobium from a wet and hot  part of the world, the Sepik River of North West New  Guinea. See "Captain Blood's Sepik Blue Dendrobe"  NewsletterSeptember01
The Ceretobe  are usually rampant growers, requiring a well drained shallow  pot or basket, with a rich media that will also drain well but still retain moisture, to stay just damp but not wet. Maximum sunlight, even to slight leaf burn, will ensure flowering, and ofcourse a warm place if you do not live in the wet tropics.
        When the plant is in active growth, a lot of fertiliser will be of benefit. While the plants can grow to a fair size, a small pot with a bit of excess sunlight tends to keep the canes managable.
  More photos at
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