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In FLASK Ascocentrum aurantiacum, Catasetum scurra, Cattleya intermedia Coerulea, Laelia lobata, Thelymitra pauciflora. Photo right; Thelymitra pauciflora 
In PLANTS Paraphalaenopsis labukensis, Paphiopedilum lowii "Sumatra", Dendrobium crumenatum, specimen Bulbophyllum vaginatum Philippine and Malaya forms.
Ready to replate   Laelia purpurata "Roxo-Violeta", Dendrobium pulchellum, Dendrobium bellatulum, Dendrobium virgineum, Cattleya gaskelliana alba x alba. Sophronitis cernua.
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 Photos in this edition.  Thelymitra pauciflora
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New in Flask.
Ascocentrum aurantiacum. The Philippines species once included in the Asco miniatum group. The plants are larger with erect dense bottle brush spikes of orange yellow flowers. Bright light, a drier rest during the winter months and the species will grow into an elegant plant with showy flowering. A well drained pot or basket with a coarse media is used.
Catasetum scurra. A 'perfect" flower Clowesi section of Catasetum. The pale straw and green veined flowers are strongly fragrant of citron. Store dry during the dormant winter and repot in the spring with the new growth. See Catasetum for growing details.
Cattleya intermedia Coerulea. The Brazilian species with heavy textured very frangrant flowers, variable in colour typically blush  white with  rich magenta rose midlobe of the labellum in contrast. This selfing is of a blue flushed form. Typical cattleya culture, well drained pot and media and maximun sunlight short of leaf burn for maximum flowering.
Laelia lobata  "Geni" x self.  A concolour pink flowered form.
Laelia lobata Alba x self.   The pure white form
Laelia lobata "Geni" x Alba
         Three forms of the now rare  species. Grows much the same as Laelia purpurata and the labiate Cattleyas. Flowers fragrant  to 15 cms across, with a sparkling texture and long lasting.
Thelymitra pauciflora. Sun orchid. A deciduous terrestrial species that goes dormant after the flowering season. When in leaf it requires a lot of water and sunlight. See Sun Orchids.
   Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
New in Plants.
Paraphalaenopsis labukensis. Near flowering size plants growing well on pieces of cork. A shade grower that requires excellent drainage and ventilation.
Dendrobium crumenatum. The white Dove  orchid. Advanced seedlings in 75mm basket pots in small bark. Very easy to grow into specimens, maximun sunlight and lots of water.
Paphiopedilum lowii  "Sumatra". Near flowering size plants that grow with the Dendrobes etc.
Bulbophyllum vaginatum, "Philippines" and "Malayan". Two forms of this specimen forming species, 3 plant clumps on slabs of treefern with 3 and 4 forward leads. The mop like head of flowers is cream in colour and produced  enmass when the plants are grown in a bright sunny spot. Showy specimens in flower.
Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
Ready to Replate.
Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta. Brazil. Flowers to 15 cm, flowers violet purple, lip darker veined. Showy.Best grown as for cattleyas.
Dendrobium bellatulum. Thailand. Dwarf plant, large white flowers, lip red. Nigrohirsute. A minature species, best grown on a slab with a little extra water while in growth and almost dry when not.
Dendrobium pulchellum. Also Dendrobium dalhousianum. This large robust species requires a drier rest in the cooler months and lots of water and fertiliser when in active growth. The flower are quite large, cream yellow often flushed rose, the labellum downy with 2 large maroon blotches. A well drained pot and media required.
Dendrobium virgineum. Thailand. Nigrohirsute. Flowers to 7.5cm, waxy white, lip veined red. Use a small well drained pot and kept drier in the cooler months.
 Cattleya gaskelliana alba x alba sib. Venezuela. Large  white, sib crossed, yellow disk. Flowers to 15 cm, fragrant. Typical cattleya requirements, well drained media, lots of light. Photo of normal form.
      Sophronitis cernua. The Brazilian minature, brilliant orange flowers on a small plant that grows best on a slab of treefern or cork with a little extra water for the cork.
  Species highlighted are links to photos.
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Culture.  Sun Orchids.
Along the edges of the track, standing tall and graceful,  the blue, lavender blue and violet blue Thelymitra  sun orchids  raised their faces  to the sun.
                  Nine miles from the turnoff, Billy Gray told me, and nine miles and 35 years down the track they still stood there, gems in the peaceful bush.
                And as exquisite, were the gems that Bill cut, by hand and eye, from the rough stones of Agate Creek,  amethyst from the Don River, topaz from Camel Creek, sapphires from Tomahook, and a myriad of others from Australian gemfields. His was a love of the hidden gems of the bush,  the native orchids and later  the crystalline gems cut from rough stones.
                 Further along the track, where the country was more open, more sandy, there grew Bill's "double tails", the little yellow Diuris aurea, its petals erect, like ears, the Donkey Orchid. A single grass like leaf with an erect spike of half a dozen yellow flowers spotted brown, dotted through the short grass along the sides of the track.
                An old time Cape York prospector, living off the land , collecting Cooktown orchids (Dendrobium bigibbum fma superbum) on horseback,
"a shilling a dozen", when prospecting was poor. A bush carpenter, a sawmill hand, Bill grew orchids and nurtured an interest in native orchid species.
              Along the track of Bill's  "nine miles", growing in the shelter of large rocks, were the little "pink fingers", the delicate Caladenia carnea, with its single flower of bright pink purple, the sepals and petals fanned out like fingers. Another single grass like leaf, an orchid invisible except in flower.
             Cryptostylis subulatus  grew in a small creek, wide leaves in the grass, its green and yellow orange and red brown flowers bewitching amorous male wasps into pollinating the flowers, imitators of female ichneumen wasps.  They flowered in October, while the sun orchids, double tails and pink fingers flowered in August, after winter rains.
              In the rough barked, bull oak casuarina trees grew plants of Dendrobium ruppianum, (D. fusiforme as it was then), Cymbidium madidum, and rarely seen plants of Dendrobium bairdianum, and up on the rocky ridge, out of reach of fire, the rock lily, king orchid, Dendrobium speciosum clung to the rock crevices.
               Along the track, nine miles from the turnoff, the sun orchids, the double tails and the pink fingers grow and flower, always to bring to mind the memory of a longtime friend, orchid grower, rock hound. Bill has been gone a long time now, but while the sun orchids grow and flower, he wont be forgotten.
Sun Orchids, Thelymitra species, are terrestrials that require a well drained soil media and a dry rest when dormant. When in leaf, bright sunlight and plenty of water are required. When dormant, the pot media should be kept barely damp, especially in very cold weather. Best grown as an intermediate climate species.
          Ian Walters, Burleigh Park, 54 Hammond Way, Thuringowa. 4815.
  More photos at
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