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In FLASK.     Spathoglottis vanoverburghii (photo right Courtesy Janice Lee )
  Spathoglottis  plicata bicolor x Spathoglottis sulawesiense

Dendrobium laminatum   Spath affinis4N x plicata "magenta"  Aerides maculosum

In PLANTS.   Due to continuing potting and repotting, we suggest that you send your want list of species by email to ianbpon(at)    Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam. A reply by email will advise current stocks of plants of interest. Some species are listed below.
Ready to replate.  Brassia giroudiana  Catasetum laminatum x pileatum red
Cattleya jenmannii "clmio x Mosca"  Coryanthes alborosea "alba"  Dendrobium smilleae  Eulophiella roempleriana  Epidendrobium porpax  Oncidium leucochilum  Phalaenopsis lobbii  Phalaenopsis gibbosa  Renanthera imshootiana  Sarcochilum roseus

Culture.  Dendrochilums

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CITES. Flasks exempt.

Seed for sale.  Email  now for a list of available species orchid seed.
Cloud Forest InstituteJoin Conservation of cloud forest.  Web Site. Full descriptions of species  flasks and plants plus photographs. Details on ordering, shipping and cultural notes.Links to other interesting sites. Articles on culture, habitat and notes about orchids.

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New in Flask.

Spathoglottis vanoverburghiiPhilippines.Dwarf species, bright yellow flowers

  Spathoglottis plicata bicolor  x Spathoglottis sulawesiense.  Spath plicata var Bicolor See photo wild plant Mindanao  yellow & magenta  X pure white sulawesiense.  

Dendrobium laminatumPhilippines. Unusual flattened pseudobulbs, yellow and red flowers.

Spathoglottis  affinis4N x Spath  plicata redmagenta. Bright yellow x a red magenta form of  plicata. Expect red flowers.

Aerides maculosum  India Similar to A.krabiense, larger plant, longer spikes, pale sparkling pink fls, fragrant. 

    .Top New in Plants 

Bargain Buys  

A number plants have developed into specimens  and are offered at reduced prices.

Click on Bargain Buys to view descriptions and photos Asco curvifolium,  Aerides krabiense  Bulb vaginatum  Bulb baileyii  Catasetum integerinum   Dendrochilum cobbianum "Gold Chain"  Dendrochilum convollarieforme  Dendrochilum magnum  Dendrochilum wenzellii  Trichoglottis brachiata   Trichoglottis latisepala

 Top Ready to Replate. 

Click on highlighted species name to view photos

Brassia giroudianaPhoto left  Huge green & yellow huge spider flowers

Catasetum laminatum x pileatum red Fantastic Trigger orchid

Cattleya jenmannii "climio x Mosca"Large rose pink fls, lip darker, marked yellow.

Coryanthes alborosea "alba" Bucket Orchid white,labellum flushed yellow   

Dendrobium smilleae Nth Queensland Bottle Brush green flowers tipped pink purple

Eulophiella roempleriana 10cm rose colour flowers. Madagascan species

Epidendrum porpax Exquisite minature

Oncidium leucochilum Green yellow sepals&petals, large white labellum

Phalaenopsis lobbii Minature, white, brown labellum lobes 

Phalaenopsis gibbosa Minature, exquisite coloured flowers

Renanthera imshootiana Vermillion Red, branched panicle Photo right 

Sarcochilus roseus. Australian  native, Dark rose coloured fls, lip paler.

Click on species name to view photos

Top Culture.   

Dendrochilums. There are about 150 different species of Dendrochilum, in 3 different sections. Most are  botanical wonders, but a couple of dozen species are cultivated for their unique plants and flowers.

     Photo left Dendrochilum formosanum. Pseudobulbous plants, they resemble small plants of Coelogyne, to which they are related and grow under similar conditions. Being mostly epiphytes and sometimes lithophytes, they require a growing medium which is well drained.

    Small baskets are ideal, in which they will develop into large specimens. The general rule with these species is to disturb them as little as possible, merely pot on into a larger container, as the plant outgrows the old one.

    Every grower probably has a different view on medias In the Nursery, the species are grown in pots of cross cut treefern, where the fibres are kept vertical to allow for good drainage.

      Slotted pots or basket pots are used, well crocked for best drainage. Blood and bone as a fertiliser is excellent, sprinkled on top of the tree fern and flushed thru. Typical light as for Dendrobium species, short of leaf burn, tends to produce better flowering. Often mountain plants, they are however very adaptable to different climates, from the hot tropical North Queensland, down to intermediate and cooler conditions in the lower latitudes. 

   A slightly drier rest in winter after the new growths have matured is beneficial. Fertiliser should be applied after the flower spikes have appeared, to maximise growth but not at the expense of the flowering. They will take heavy fertilising, a liberal dose of fowl manure pellets or blood and bone to an 8 inch basket produces multiple new growths and large healthy bright green foliage. 

    Well worth cultivating, plants will quite quickly develop into specimens, the more showy species putting up a fine display.

   The sometimes overpowering fragrance of some species appeals to some growers, but species such as Drochilum glumaceum (a delicate almost delicious sweet fragrance of hay) and Dendrochilum filiforme (honey ?) are more appealing and worth growing for the fragrance.       

       Basics: small pot/basket, well drained media, do not disturb. Find a sunny spot in your orchid house and enjoy the happy growing. Photo left Dendrochilum convollarieforme.  More photos at  

Top Seed of SPECIES orchids.

  Email to ianbpon(at) (Please substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam) .for the latest list of seed available in packets enough to prepare 3 to 4 flasks. Cattleya, Coryanthes, Dendrobium,  Oncidium, Laelia, Aerides with more added as harvested. All seed dated at collection, airmail post world wide and there is no restriction on orchid seed. 

CONSERVATION BY PROPAGATION.   Conservation of cloud forest flora and fauna.  Join Cloud Forest Institute THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT INITIATIVE PLEASE SEE "" FOR MORE INFORMATION Join Cloud Forest Institute, a federally recognized 501(c)3 to fund a wildlife corridor in the Ecuadorian Tropical Andes and protect it - forever! The two parcels comprising of 840-acres of Cloud Forest in the Ecuadorian Paso Alto Range of the Andes in the Cambugan Watershed is home to jaguars, spectacled bears, over 300 species of ORCHIDS, and the highest number of endemic amphibian and  bird species in the WORLD. Concerned people are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations and create honorary groves in their name.


Flasks are EXEMPT under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Title 50, Part 23, Subpart C, Appendix II. S 23.23 (d) (6) Specifically exempted: For orchidacea species: (i) in Appendix I, seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers.  

International payments.     Top


  Paypal; International transfer of payments by credit card. Log onto "" register, and follow the easy instructions. When making payments by Paypal, remember to add 4% for their transfer fee. Our Paypal address advised when applicable. Important Note; Due to high Bank fees, we recommend the use of Paypal or Western Union ( transfers when sending international payments. It is quick and secure. 

Electronic Funds Transfer by Bank is also quick and secure, but check Bank fees for the service. Bank details emailed on request. When sending payments internationally, use REGISTERED airmail letters or document envelopes and NOT large packets or padded bags which may be opened by Customs for inspection. Address letters to Ian & Pat Walters, NOT to the Nursery, so there is no indication of contents. NOTE.  International MoneyGram is not available for collection here in North Queensland and cannot be accepted.   

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