Photos in this issue: Vanda boxallii (right), Grammatophyllum measuresianum erectum
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A.  What's New in flask.

 Seed of Lycaste toglotii from Venezuela slowly germinating, no description at present. The Philippino Saccolabium quisumbingii is now  developing into healthy plantlets in flasks. Dend stratiotes "Sunda Isles", the large antelope species is also germinating again. Our previous sowing eventually sold and were deflasked.

B. What's ready to replate NOW.
            Saccolabium quisumbingii, or Tuberolabium quisumbingii is a small fleshy leafed monopodial with leaves to about 10cm ( 4 inches) long, on a short stout stem. The plants are warm to intermediate growing, requiring shade similar to that for Phalaenopsis, but with perhaps  a bit more light to promote better flowering. A small slotted pot or basket with an open coarse media is required. Slabs of treefern also provide a suitable host, with sufficient water to keep plants damp but not wet.  Usually on multiple spikes, the flowers are not large, but their white crystaline texture and contrasting purple splashed lip present an attractive spike, or several, of delicate flowers. A small grower, happy in a 10 cm (4 inch pot), with attractive flowers, ideal as a space saver.
              Several of the rarer Stanhopeas are shooting up with the warmer spring in Australia. Stanhopea  xytriophora , stevensoni , lietzei "KB", martiana , gibbosa "KB" , connata  Orange Jewel AM x self.The species marked "KB" are from a European nurserymen specialising in selected species orchids.
      A different colour form of Vanda boxallii yellow is nearly ready for replating,. This form has a yellow background colour with the redbrown lateral sepals, instead of the typical white and redpurple ( dsee photo). Both forms are in flask and are  robust growers both in and out of flask, although they are small growers.
       The African Jumellea filicornoides wont be long; this is a delightful small grower, erect growing, that produces pure white sparkiling textured flowers along the stem. Very fragrant, a long spur,  and does well in a small pot or basket, in a open coarse media.

C. What's new in Plants;

Its spring in Australia now, but more like summer, HOT. Not a great deal of activity in the potted plants and seedlings during winter. A few  near flowering size plants of a choice form of Grammatophyllum mearuresianum have established in slotted 5inch pots. We flasked this form and called it variety erectum for its almost upright spike of about 7cm cream white flowers blotched chestnut. The colours of this species are a lot brighter than
most Grammatophyllums, which tend to be somewhat dull. It grows well in a slotted pot or basket, and once it has established its "nest" of aerial roots, should be left undisturbed.
   Grammatophyllum measuresianum var erectum; Philippines, a short bulbed species, very robust, that will grow into a large clump in an 8 inch basket. Flower spikes to a metre ( 3 feet +) or more  high, almost vertical, with 30 to 40 or more flowers. Flowers about 6 to 7 cm across ( 3 inches), clean cream white, blotched chestnut.
       The genus is warm growing, the plants need sunlight short of burning the leaves and good air movement. Once established in a slotted pot or basket, the plants develop a aerial root system to form a saucer like "nest". This acts as a collector of leaf mould which then forms the plants growing media. The plants do well in deciduous or semi deciduous trees in the garden, with adequate water, where the plants flourish on the supply of leaf mould, protection from the hot summer sun and extra light in winter.


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howy exhibit, equal to any species. Text & photos at web page Ian Walters.

E. Humour.

His wife complained " I am sick of doing all the housework, cooking, washing, chase after the children and make all the decisions, why do I have to do everything and  decide everything?"
    Him, "Yes dear, and what do you think  we can do about it ?"

  The winter was so cold, the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets.

    A frog fronted the Bank  and said to Patricia Black, the teller, "My name's Kermit Jagger, I want a loan and I have this little carved ivory elephant as collateral."
     Patricia asked him to wait while she consulted the Manager. The Manager inspected the ivory elephant and said "  It's a knick knack, Patty Black, give the frog a loan, his old man's a Rolling Stone"
Yours in orchids,

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