New Photographs

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Pale Headed Rosella


Golden Backed Honeyeater

Owl and the yellow honeyeater

White Throated Honeyeater

Yellow Honey Eater

Crested hawk

Lurcher and wasp

Curlew and chick  October 6 2017



White Winged Triller in breeding colour


Curlew family Sept 29 2017

Australian  Lurcher

Brown Flycatcher


Papilio aegeus orchard/citris swallowtail butterfly female

A moth  Speiredonia mutabilis


White Throated Honeyeater  hassling Owl


Yellow Honeyeater and Owl

White Bellied Cuckoo Shrike and prey

Nutmeg Finches

Whitefronted Honeyeater


Nutmeg finches


Click on titles to see additional photos

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