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Family Business: Species Orchids, Propagation, Flasks, Plants, Seed exchange. Fine Red Cedar Furniture


Burleigh Park is operated by Ian and Pat Walters and has been in operation as a mail order specialist for 50 years. We do all our own flask work and raise seed from our own species orchids as well as exchange seed and protocorm material world wide.

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Other interests include hand crafting fine Red Cedar Furniture and a Photo archive of Ian's school days Mundingburra SS Grade 3 to 6, 1954 to 1957. Pimlico State High School Grade11/12  1962/63

Pat hand crafts Fancy Cards for all occasions.

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click here Local Friends  Some of the local wildlife, copyright  photographs by Ian Walters taken in the Townsville area.

click here Fine Red Cedar Furniture  Traditionally Hand Made.

click here Mundingburra State School Grade 3 to 6 1954  Grade 3A, 3B, 4A, 5, 6, 1954 to 1957 & Pimlico State High. Photos and pupil names

Conservation. We actively support the conservation of species orchids by raising seedlings in flask, and offer exchange of tubes of sterile protocorm/seedling material and Seed exchange is also available. Enquire.

Sterile culture specialist. Specializing in the artificial propagation of orchid species for world wide distribution to the collector or the commercial grower.

Collectors: Plants and seedlings from flask or by division.

Jewel orchids in flaskSterile flasks of 12/14 seedlings and tubes of protocorm/seedling material can be sent by Airmail, Air Courier or EMS Air Express Post to anywhere in the world, mostly without red tape.

Small glass bottles hold 12/14 seedlings which are grown to pack tight inside the bottle, to prevent shake up of the seedlings and media in the airmail post, or air courier shipping.

This quantity is usually sufficient for most collectors, and flasks are shipped shortly before requiring deflasking. Flasks should be acclimatised in the growers conditions for awhile before deflasking.

Commercial Growers: Plants and seedlings.

Sterile flasks,commercial quantities of seedlings are supplied as multiple flasks.

We achieve some time savings in preparing a number of flasks from the one mother flask and can pass this saving on. Advise your requirements.

Tubes of protocorm/seedlings for collectors or nurseryman.

Sterile tubes for economic shipment worldwide

Small polycarbonate tubes containing small seedling protocorm material are also available. These tubes contain a minimum 25 to 30 seedlings/protocorm that require replating on receipt. Again, the contents of the tubes are grown to pack tight inside the tube to prevent shakeup. In many cases, the contents will yield much in excess of the 25 to 30 seedlings when replated. They can be sent 4 per padded bag, under 500 gms.

AUSTRALIA: By air courier 3kg parcel or Express post.

EXPORT; Enquire for current status: Airmail Post or EMS Airmail Express Post at cost. Air freight by International Air Express Courier is available for large orders, door to door delivery, with Customs clearance. The Courier parcel can be tracked on the internet.

Except for Israel, U.S.A. UK, and Canada, these tubes and airmail packets of 2 or 3 flasks (under 500 grams) may need no documentation.

For larger numbers of flasks, Phytosanitary certificates are required for Japan. Check with your Import Authority. Some countries require documentation for Commercial quantities.

U.S.A. UK, and Canada require a Phytosanitary Certificate for all imports.

CITES and Phytosanitary Certificates


Cost of Phytosnitary Certificate, CITES Certificate and Airmail or Airfreight will be advised by Pro Forma Invoice. Enquire.

It is the IMPORTERS responsibilty to ensure that Import Permits and Phytosanitary Certificate requirements for their country are current and advised to us ( Burleigh Park Orchid Nursery) before shipment.

Orchid plants and seedlings are raised in the Nursery, both from flask and division of stock plants. We specialise in the propagation and distribution by Airmail, Air Courier and EMS of rare and endangered species, plants, seedlings, flasks and protocorm tubes and seed. 

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Burleigh Park Orchid Nursery 54 Hammond Way, Townsville,
Queensland, Australia, 4815

Phone 07 47 740 008    International 61 747 740 008

Email us at  ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com  substitute @ for ( at) to avoid spam