Flask list 2018

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Flask list details.

Flasks are listed on germination, orders invited at this stage but please understand the delay until flasks are ready for shipment.

When seedlings are large enough to be sent airmail, a Pro Forma Invoice will be sent advising cost and availability.

On receipt, PLEASE advise acceptance or not, so that unrequired flasks can be disposed of to other orders.
DO NOT send payment with orders, you will be advised with the Pro Forma Invoice containing full instructions.

In Australia

Flasks sent by Air Express Courier

  • maximum 3 kg per parcel
  • or 38 x 25 x 12 cm volume

A delivery address is required, as the Courier cannot deliver to a Post Office Box Number.

World wide

Insulated, padded packets of 1 to 3 flasks (1 to 5 tubes) sent airmail post when seedlings are large and wont shake up in the flask.

Larger numbers of flasks sent by EMS International Air Express Post at cost. To Europe, West Coast USA 5 days, to Asia, Japan, 3 days, to East Coast USA, Africa, Brazil, Sweden, 7 days.

International Air Courier service is available. This goes as airfreight and not in a Mailbag and is used in preference to EMS. Cost about the same, and the parcels are not jumbled in a Mailbag. Internet traceable.

PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE at cost. Check with your local Government Department/ Import Authority as sterile flasks may not require any documentation.

List codes

  • *12P $X = 12/14 seedlings per flask at cost AUD$X where indicated.
  • 2B Adv P = Price to be advised when quantity germinated ascertained.
Commercial larger numbers supplied as multiple flasks.

Sterile tubes

Sterile tubes for economic shipment worldwide For reflask/ replate. Tubes planted with protocorm/small seedlings about 25 + depending on seedling size, at same cost per flask.
Small packets of single flasks or up to 4 tubes can be airmailed internationally without requiring documents(under 500 grams). Enquire.



Payment methods

 Paypal or Bank Direct funds transfer details provided EFT

Acacallis cyanea W. Brazil. Fabulous Blue cupped fls 6cm,lip indigo blue, allied Zygopetalum.Treefern slab. 12P $44 $12P $44
Acacallis cyanea alba W. Brazil. The alba form, pure white 6 cm fls, as for type form. Very rare. 12P $44 $12P $44
Acampe praemorsa (papilliosa) I. India. Small grower, 4cm head fls, yellow spotted redbrown, lip white 12P $44 $12P $44
Aeranthes arachnites I.W. Madagascar. Previously listed as A.grandiflora Fls to 5cm, green, spurred, on long wiry spike. 12P $44 $12P $44
Aerides houlletianum x lawrenceae I.W. . Yellow x white topped magenta.fragrant 12P $42 $12P $42
Aerides krabiense I.W. Thailand. Dwarf, crystalline pink, spotted magenta, fragrant, 2cm fls. 12P $42 $12P $42
Aerides quinquevulnerum I.W. Philippines. Colour form Picturata x 3N. Good shape, multicoloured 12P $44 $12P $44
Aerides quinquivulnerum "Picturata" x Lawrenceae I.W. . multicoloured quinquevulnerum x white tipped magenta 12P $42 $12P $42
Ancistrochilus rothschildianus I. Africa. Rare.Showy 8cm dusky rose pink fls, lip magenta. 12P $49 $12P $49
Angraecum augustifolium (Bosseri) I. Madagascar. Syn sesquipedale var august & v bosser.Waxy white 15cm fls. 12P $38 $12P $38
Angraecum dryadum I. Madagascar. White fl to 5 cm, spur 10 to 12 cm.Short stout plant 12P $44 $12P $44
Angraecum eburneum frappier I.W. Madagascar. Compact dwarf growing form, Mauritius.Fls 5cm, white,green. 12P $38 $12P $38
Angraecum leonis comoro I.W. Madagascar. Fan like plant, fls to 6cm, waxy white, long spur.Comoro Isles 12P $42 $12P $42
Angraecum longicalcar I.W. Madagascar. Extra long spur, to 25cm, form of comorense, 7.5 cm white/green fls 12P $44 $12P $44
Angraecum sesquipidale I. Madagascar. Huge fls, waxy white to 12 cm, spur to 40 cm, fragrant. 12P $38 $12P $38
Angraecum xerophylum I.W. Madagascar. Minature grower, white spurred fragrant flowers 12P $44 $12P $44
Anoectochilus brevilabris I.C. India. Jewel orchid.Exquisite, dark green leaf flushed gold, veined silver and gold. 12P $49 $12P $49
Anoectochilus formosanus I.W. China. Jewel orchid.Exquisite, dark green leaf veined silver and gold.Compot 3 $36 12P $49 $12P $49
Ascocentrum aurantiacum W. Philippines.. The yellow Philippines Asco miniatum. Small grower. 12P $44 $12P $44
Ascocentrum curvifolium I.W. Thailand. Dwarf.Erect bottle brush spikes orange red fls.brighlty coloured 12P $44 $12P $44
Ascocentrum miniatum I.W. Thailand. A.garayi. Bright orange erect bottle brush like fl spikes. Dwarf. 12P $44 $12P $44
Aspasia lunata I. Brazil. Small Miltonia like plant. Pretty fls 4cm, green,spotted redbrown,lip white. 12P $44 $12P $44
Aspasia silvana I. Brazil. Oncid like plant. 12P $38 $12P $38
Barkeria obovata (chinense) Yellow I. Mexico. A cloud of pale yellow insect like fls, lip veined. 12P $38 $12P $38
Barkeria skinnerii "Dave" I. Mexico. Dwarf, showy magenta fls to 2.5 cm, tall many flrd spike. 12P $38 $12P $38
Bifrenaria magnicalcarata I.C. Brazil. Fls 6-7cm,green flushed maroon brown, lip white flushed pink 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Brassavola cucullata I. Mexico. Fls to 12 cm, large white lip fringed, fragrant. 12 P $42 $12 P $428
Brassavola digbyana fimbripet I. Cent Amer. Fls to 15cm, green white, lip very fringed, fragrant. 12 P $38 $12 P $38
brassavola flegellaris I.W. Brazil. Fls yellow green, large pure white lip, fragrant. 50cmlong terete leaves 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Brassia giroudiana Cent Amer. Large green yellow fls to 15 cm on 2 ranked spike. Very showy 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Broughtonia sanguinea select I.W. Jamaica. Select form, crimson fls, lip veined dark vivid rose purple. 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Bulbophyllum longiscapum W. New Guinea. Previously list as digloense trinasutum. Triangular yellow, glossy red brown lip, 3 cm fls 12P $44 $12P $44
Capanemia uliginosa C. Brazil. Cap superflua. Minature, dense spikes of tiny white fls. 12P $38 $12P $38
Catasetum barbatum I. Brazil. Fls 5cm, greenish, black purple flecks, lip withblunt projections 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum cernuum I. Brazil. Fls densely spotted chocolate brown, chocolate fragrance 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum dodsoniana I.C. Mexico. Green, veined green perfect fls Clowesia. Dense spikes 5cm fls. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum expansum I. Venezuela. Green yellow x white, red callus (Cecilia x Fennel) 10cm fls. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum expansum I. Venezuela. Green yellow x white, red callus (Cecilia x Fennel) 10cm fls.Large plants 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum fimbriatum outcross I.W. Brazil. blanco x arango". Green and yellow, lip fringed, spotted red. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum fimbriatum type form I. Brazil. Yellow speckled brown, yellow lip, fringed. Showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum integerrimum I.C. Mexico. Large green fleshy fls, helmet type. Good grower. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum laminatum I. Mexico. Large flowers, pale yellw green flecked red. Showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum laminatum x pileatum red U.S.A.. Large red x cream spotted red. Frangrant, large flowered. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum luridum I. Cent Amer. Large fls, yellow, green yellow, dark green in lip throat. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum pileatum Germany I. Venezuela. Large waxy GREEN white, WAXY fls to 10 cm 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum pileatum Red x self I.W. Brazil. Selfing of an awarded clone, heavily blotched red. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum pileatum white x red I.W. Brazil. Large ivory x cream blotched redpurple. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum pileatum x laminatum U.S.A.. Large ivory x cream spotted red. Seed x USA 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum russellianum I. Mexico. Fragrant pale clear green, darker green veins. Perfect flower Clowesia 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum sanguineum I.W. Venezuela. Green yellow with much red spots/blotchs. Rare. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum sps nova Aguirre I.C. Mexico. Clowesia section of Catasetum. A new species?. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum tabulare I Colombia. Rare species. Fls to 5cm green blotched maroon, lip cream white. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum tenebrosum I. Peru. fls to 4cm, sepals,petals dark rich redbrown, maroon, lip yellow. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum thyalaciochilum I. Mexico. Green, green veins, brown in the lip. Clowesia like russellianum 12P $42 $12P $42
Catasetum vinaceum I.W. Brazil. Wine red coloured fls. Protocorm from private collection Brazil. 12P $42 $12P $42
Catt intermedia alba dutra I. Brazil. Fls to 15cm, waxy glossy white. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya aclandiae I. Brazil. Dwarf, showy green yellow blotched redbrown, lip bright purple 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya amethystoglossa I. Brazil. Clusters 10cm fls, blush white, lip brilliant magenta. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya araguayensis I. Brazil. Small grower. Sps, pts bronze, lip white with redbrown midlobe 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya bicolor select I. Brazil. Private collection Brazil, bronzegreen, brilliant bright magenta purple lip 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya blossfeldsiana I. Peru. Nat.X rex x luteola.Now considered a valid species? Large yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya bowringiana I.W. Cent Amer. Large heads rose purple fls, showy species . 12P $44 $12P $42
Cattleya bowringiana Caerulea "Blue Angel HCC AOS I.W. Cent Amer. selfing of clone with large heads pale blue flowerss 12P $44 $12P $42
Cattleya chocoensis Semi Alba I. Brazil. Fls to 17cm, blush white fls, lip with magenta and yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya deckerii I.C. Cent Amer. Clusters dusky rose purple fls. Autumn form C.skinnerii 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya dolosa I.W. Brazil. Now considered distinct species.Flat pale pink,rose pink to13cm 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya dormanniana I. Brazil. Fls to 8cm, sps, pts dark brown, lip bright purple. Showy. 10P $44 $10P $44
Cattleya dowiana atlantic r/f I. Cent Amer. Large form, from Atlantic rainforest Costa Rica. Yellow, purple veined lip.. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya dowiana aurea I. Colombia. Huge yellow, nankeen yellow fls to 15 cm, lip veined purple,gold 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya dowiana type I. Costa Roca. Fls to 17cm, yellow, nankeen yellow, lip veined purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya elongata I.C. Brazil. Tall spikes waxy glossy bronze purple, lip purple. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya gaskelliana I. Venezuela. Fls to 15cm, pale amethyst flushed white.Lip orange/yellow disk. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya gaskelliana alba x alba sib I. Venezuela. Large white sib crossed, yellow disk. Fls to 15 cm, fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya granulosa (VP X GG) I.W. Brazil. cultivars "Vera Paz" x "Green Gage". Large green, purple on lip 10P $44 $10P $44
Cattleya guttata alba "Munda Yellow" I.W. Brazil. "Munda Yellow", lutino form, bright yellow, white lip x self 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya guttata alba x alba I.W. Brazil. Select USA sib cross 2 different clones, guttata not leopoldii 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya guttata type x 4n I. Brazil. Thick waxy dark bronze, purple lip.Round,heavy flower.Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya intermedia " orlata"x self I. Brazil. Fls to 15 cm, blush white, lip dark magenta, rose. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya intermedia alba x alba I. Brazil. Large to 12.5 cm pure waxy white elegant fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya intermedia Coerulea x self I.W. Brazil. Fls to 15cm, waxy glossy flowers flushed blue. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya intermedia maria faceira I.W. Brazil. var maria faciera. Sib crosses true, heavy subst, much fuller fls like loddigesii 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya intermedia orlata x punctata"TicoTico" I.W. Brazil. Fls to 15cm, waxy glossy pink purple, amethyst lip one parent spotted. Fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya iricolor I. Ecuador. Fls to 7cm,yellow, pale cream yellow, lip veined, blotched purple. 10P $44 $10P $44
Cattleya jenmani coerulea I.W. Venezuela. Large flowers, blue to white flushed blue, lip darker. Typical labiate Cattleya 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya jenmannii "Clmio x Mosca" I. Brazil. Large rose pink fls, lip darker marked yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya labiata autumnalis I. Brazil. Large rose pink fls, lip darker. Autumn flowering form. Exquisite shape. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya labiata semi alba "Eva x Castro" I. Brazil. White, purple lip sib cross "Eva x Castro" 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya labiata var alba x suave I. Brazil. Fls to 17cm, alba "Angerer" x var suave "Iwashita" 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya lawrenceana I. Venezuela. Rare magenta purple, yellow throat. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya leopoldii "Garopaba x Rio Grande" I. Brazil. Two very select clones. Fls to 8 cm, bronze green, spotted purple red, lip purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya loddigesii I. Brazil. Waxy, heavy textured pink to purple pink fls, lip with cream disc 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya lueddemanniana select I.W. Venezuela. Select "Lows var" x luedde.Rich magenta purple x rose purple 10P $44 $10P $44
Cattleya luteola "Tipo" Andean I.W. Peru. Small grower,clusters of 6cm yellow fls,red purple throat blotchs 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya maxima I. Colombia. Fls to 15cm, pink purple to purple, lip blotched, veined yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya maxima alba x alba I. Ecuador. Fls to 15 cm, white 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya mendellii I. Colombia. Fls to 18 cm,white flushed rose,lip crimson purple, disc yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya mossiae I. Venezuela. Fls to 15cm, pale rose purple, lip marbled dark magenta, yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya mossiae coerulea I. Venezuela. White, light blue flush. Lip blue lavender &yellow instead of purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya mossiae semialba x sib I. Venezuela. A sib cross of pure white, amethyst lip. Fls to 15cm. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya nobilior I. Brazil. Stout bulb, fls to 13cm, flat, glistening pink purple, lip cream 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya nobilior amaliae "Petaluda' x "Magnifica" !.W. Brazil. Sib cross. Blue flush petals, semi alba. Large flat textured fls. Showy 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya percivaliana I. Venezuela. Large fls to 13cm, rose lilac, lip crimsom purple, disc orange 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya percivaliana semialba x self I. Venezuela. Venezuela, 15cm white fls, crimson purple lip. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya porphryoglossa I. Brazil. Fls to 7 cm, yellow orange, bronze orange, lip bright purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya quadricolor I.W. Colombia. Fls to 17cm, blush white to pink fls. labiata Cattleya chocoense 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya rex I.C. Peru. Fls to 18cm, cream yellow.Lip rich bright yellow marked magenta. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya schilleriana I. Brazil. Beautiful 15 cm bronze purple, spotted purple red, lip veined 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya schilleriana coerulea I. Brazil. Fls to 13 cm, waxy, glossy, blue flushed, lip slate blue. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya schofieldiana I.W. Brazil. Fls to 12cm, buff yellow spotted red purple, lip veined red purple. 10P $44 $10P $44
Cattleya skinneri giant rose I. Cent Amer. Clusters of bright rose purple fls.Select form from Costa Rica 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya tenuis I. Brazil. Like C.bicolor, different colour 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya violacea splendens I. Brazil. cv "splendens".Showy 15 cm rich rosepurple,fls larger than type 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya walkeriana I. Brazil. Waxy flat rose purple, 13cm fls, heavy textured. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleya warnerii I.W. Brazil. Large rose pink fls, lip darker. Fragrant, good grower. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana I.W. Cuba. Rare. Smaller grower, large brilliant rose-magenta to pale rose fls to 5cm.Rare. 12P $44 $12P $44
chiloschista viridiflavum I Thailand. Leafless. Fls green yellow, Sarcochilus like.Grows readily. 12P $44 $12P $44
Chysis bractescens I.W. Mexico. Large waxy fls to 7 cm, white, lip yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Clowesia sps nova Aguirre I.C. Mexico. Clowesia section of Catasetum. A new species.? 12P $42 $12P $42
Coryanthes alborosea I.W. Peru. Pure white,epichil yellow.Bucket orchid, 6 to 7 cm pure white fls. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes alborosea alba I.W. Peru. Pure white.Bucket orchid, 6 to 7 cm pure white fls. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes bruckmuelleri I W Venezuela. Bucket Orchid. Large yellow with red spots and markings. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes gernotii I. Venezuela. Bucket orchid. White to yellow, red spots. Hanging basket/pot. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes gernotii Gernots Special I.W. Venezuela. Bucket Orchid. yellow and orange, selected form 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes leucocorys USA I.W. Peru. Large red bucket, white hypochil, showy.Mint perfume. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes macrantha DH#2 I.W. Cent Amer. Bucket orchid, yellow, red spots.Fantastic fls to 12 cm, paired. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes picturata var concolor I.W. Mexico. All orange fls to 10cm.Bucket orchid, this sps collected Mexico. 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes speciosa "Cinnabar" I.W. Brazil. Cinnabar orange/red form, Brazilian. Bucket orchid 12P $49 $12P $49
Coryanthes verrucolineata Bicolor I. Peru. lemon yellow, purple mesochil.highly coloured C.verrucolineata 12P $49 $12P $49
Cymbidiella rhodochila !. Madagascar. Large green fls to 7 cm, some black spots, lip red. Very showy 12P $49 $12P $49
Cymbidium canaliculatum I.W. Australia. Stiff leafed species, dense spikes green marbled redbrown fls. white lip, fragrant. 12P $38 $12P $44
Cymbidium canaliculatum sparkesii I.W. Australia. Deep maroon fls, white marks on lip, fragrant. 12P $38 $12P $44
Cymbidium dayanum China I. China. Fls white, centre red crimson stripe, lip red purple with white. 12P $38 $12P $44
Cymbidium eburneum I.C. Burma. Fls to 7.5 cm, pure waxy white, lip with a yellow disc. 12P $38 $12P $44
Cymbidium lianpan I China. Like C.goeringii.4-6cm white,tinged red,yellow /green.Red on lip. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cymbidium munronianum I. India. Mini Cymbid.Erect spike fls green to yellow, striped red brown, fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cymbidium nanulum var macrophylla I.C. China. Minature,bulbless, fls to 5 cm. West Yunnan. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cymbidium sinense I.C. China. Minature, green white fls. fragrant, to 5cm on erect spike. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cymbidium suavissimum I. China. Extremely rare Chinese species.Erect spikes maroon, white marked labellum.Very fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Cyrtopodium polyphyllum I. Brazil.. Tall branched spikes yellow marked red fls.Deciduous. Fragrant 10P $38 $10P $38
Cyrtopodium punctatum I. Cent Amer. Tall branched spikes yellow marker red fls.Deciduous. Fragrant 12P $38 $12P $38
Dend bigibbum bigibbum purple W. Australia.. Flat rose purple fls, lip with white disc. Exquisite shape. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dend bigibbum superbum alba x alba W. Australia. Round, pure white Phalananthe fls, green lip disc. Sib cross for true alba 12P $42 $12P $42
Dend bigibbum superbum alba x bicolor W. Australia.. Purple with white tips 12P $44 $12P $44
Dend bigibbum superbum bicolor x self W. Australia.. Purple with white tips 12P $44 $12P $44
Dend bigibbum superbum purple W. Australia. Phalananthe Dend. round purple fls on long spike. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dend densiflorum x amabile I. . Orange yellow x white flushed pink. Heavy clusters crystalline fls Yellow Mousmee? 12P $44 $12P $44
Dend friedricksianum occu I.W. Thailand. Softcane, glossy yellow fls, dark eyes on lip. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dend moniliforme silver edge x self I.C. Japan. var"ginryu" silver edged leaf form.Fls white, fragrant. 12P $38 $12P $38
Dend talasea mushroom pink W. New Guinea. Ceretobe, cream with mushroom pink antlers, lip veined purple 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium aggregatum majus giant I.C.W. Burma. Gigantea.Large bulb/fl form,bright yellow orange.True var majus 12P $38 $12P $38
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii) I.C. Burma. Long lost Bronckartii. Fls 4cm, white, flushed pink, in huge bunches. 12P $49 $12P $49
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii) I.C. Burma. Lip yellow. A large robust grower to 80cm tall, like D.densiflorum. RARE. 12P $49 $12P $49
Dendrobium antennatum I.W. New Guinea. Fls to 5cm. White, antlers green, lip veined purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium Broomfieldii W. Australia.. sib X "Whitsunday x Cooktown" Lutino form, all yellow, lip white. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium canaliculatum W. Australia. Many flrd sprays white, tipped yellow, lip with a purple disc. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium canaliculatum nigrescens W. Australia.. Fragrant,. multi flrd spikes fls white tipped brown, purple lip 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium dicuphum "greencentre" W Australia. Elegant white flowers, green throat labellum 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium dicuphum red centre W Australia. Well presented spikes of 2.5cm fls, white, red centre labellum 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium discolor "giant" W. Australia.. Fls larger than normal, rich yellow brown, margins much crisped. Possibly 4N 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium erectifolium I W New Guinea. Leafy almost fern like plant with single blood red flowers on the leafy stems.Grastidium 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium farmerii albiflorum C.I.W. Thailand. Clusters of sparkling white fls, lip bright yellow. Fragrant. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium farmerii pink I.C. India. Robust, heavy bunches of 4cm pink fls, lip yellow, fragrant. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium foelochii Australia NT. Northern Territory form D.canaliculatum. White tipped yellow, purple marked lip. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium formosum giganteum I. India. Large waxy fls to 10 cm, glossy white, lip with large yellow patch. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium gouldii W. New Guinea. Ceretobe, yellow fls with dark brown/black antlers 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium helix "Pomio Brown" W. New Guinea. Big antelope, chocolate brown antlers, violet purple veined lip 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium helix "Yellow" W New Guinea. Clear yellow antelope, pale lip flushed pink Ceretobe 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium helix x stratiotes C. Thailand. Dwarf nigrohirsute, green white fls, lip green veined red orange 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium hercoglossum I. Thailand. Small growing softcane sps, clusters of pink purple fls enmass. Fragrant 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium lampongense !. Thailand. A section Calcarata, yellow, cream yellow fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium macrophyllum I. New Guinea. Latourea. Yellow green fls spotted red purple, lip veined purple 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium miyakei I.C. Formosa/Taiwan. Clusters magenta purple fls, bottle brush type, very showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium palpaebrae W.I.C. Thailand. Like D farmerii, crystalline white flushed pink, yellow lip. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium primulinum giganteum I.C. India. Pale pink purple fls to 4cm, lip yellow, downy, fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium rhodopterygium I.W. India. Like a tetraploid Dend parishii, dark purple with 2 dark magenta eyes in the lip. Fragrant 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium schroed x bigibbum superbum Alba W. . Large white tipped purple bicolor 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium schroederianum I.W. Indonesia. Large Phalananthe sib cross purple and white, to 7cm fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium schullerii Indonesia. Green yellow ceretobe, with wider petals. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium secundum I.W. Thailand. Thai form, bright magent pink,orange lip,bottlebrush 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium smilleae W Australia. Bottle brush fls, white and green tipped pink. 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium soriense W. Indonesia. Ceretobe yellow flowers, lip veined brown. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium stratiotes Sunda Isle W. Celebes. Supreme antelope, white, green horns, purple veined lip, 7cm fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium talasea W. New Guinea. Ceretobe, green yellow antlers, lip veined blue. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium tangerine dwarf W. New Guinea. Short cane form, twisted orange antlers, blue disc on lip, 7cm fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium teretifolium C.I.W. Australia. Pencil orchid. Terete leaves, clusters of fragrant white fls.Larger coastal NQ form 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium teretifolium fasiculatum"sulphurea" W. Australia. The yellow flowered Dockrillia Dend teretifolium 12P $44 $12P $44
Dendrobium tetragonum giganteum I. Australia. Fls to 10 cm, yellow, white lip spottted red x red lip.Showy 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium topaziacum I. Philippines. Clusters of yellow orange fls, lip striped red. Bottle brush type 12P $42 $12P $42
Dendrobium unicum C. Thailand. Waxy orange fls, veined lip, dwarf softcane. Showy, fragrant. 12P $38 $12P $38
Dendrobium williamsianum W New Guinea. Dusky magenta amethyst flowers 12P $44 $12P $44
Diuris sulphurea I Australia. Yellow "Double tails" donkey orchid.Terrestrial 12P $44 $12P $44
Dossinia marmorata var Dayii I. Borneo. Jewel Orchid.Beautiful velvet redblack leaf to 6cm long, 5cm,veined copperred 10P $49 $10P $49
Ency phoenicium"Roman Holiday"xsib I.W. Cent Amer. Tall spikes5cm fls, purple red, lip bright rose purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Ency plicata alba "Cheroke"AMxself I. Cuba. Tall spikes 6.5cm green fls, tipped purple, wine purple.Fragrant 12P $44 $12P $44
Encyclia dichromum I. Brazil. Two toned pink, dark pink purple fls to 4 cm. Showy. 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Encyclia hanburyi I.W. Mexico. Tall spikes of 3cm dark choc purple, dark purple lip,fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Encyclia mareae I.C. Mexico. Waxy green fls to 7 cm with large white flared lip. Fragrant, showy 12P $44 $12P $44
Encyclia megalantha I. Cent Amer. Ss,ps brown, yellow at base,lip white striped redpurple.Fragrant 12P $44 $12P $44
Epidendrum difforme I.C. Mexico. Large waxy green fls, lip lobed. Showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Epidendrum porpax I. Cent Amer. Epi peperomia. Glossy 2.5cm fls, green and bronze.Clumps well.Showy 12P $38 $12P $38
Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum I.C. Cent Amer. Showy green fls, red orange lip. Fls to 5 cm. 12P $44 $12P $44
Epidendrum stamfordianum Cent Amer. Panicle of yellow spotted red brown fls. Showy.Spindle bulbed plant 12P $38 $12P $38
Eulophia decaryana I.W. Madagascar. Oceoclades. Tall branched spikes showy green fls, lip veined purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Eulophia pulchra "Comoro " I.C. Madagascar. Green fls, the lobed lip veined red purple. Showy 12P $44 $12P $44
Eulophia roseovarigata I Africa. Oeceoclades gracillima. Coloured foliage.Tall spikes showy 3cm fls, lip veined purple. 10P $44 $10P $44
Eulophiella roempleriana I.W. Madagascar. Rose purple fls to 10 cm metre spike Awarded clone selfed.Compot6 $26.50 12P $49 $12P $49
Galeandra baueri I. Cent Amer. Grow like Catasetum, Large trumpet lip, yellow flushed purple. 12P $42 $12P $42
Gongora galeata I. Cent Amer. Fls to 3cm, orange. Pendulous spikes. 12P $38 $12P $38
Gongora species #1202 I. Cent Amer. Protocorm USA. New or RARELY SEEN sps, fls pink, many flrd. 12P $38 $12P $38
Gongora superflua I. Cent Amer. Punch & Judy orchid. Long pendulous spikes of fragrant flowers 12P $38 $12P $38
Gongora truncata I. Brazil. Showy Punch & Judy orchid. Cream flushed orange, lip white. 10P $42 $10P $42
Goodyera hispida Malaysia. Exquisite Jewel orchid. Vivid green , veined silver. Leaf to 7cm x 3 cm. 8P $49 $8P $49
Goodyera schlechtendaliana I.C. China. Exquisite Jewel orchid. Vivid green , blotched silverwhite. Leaf to 7cm x 3 cm. 8P $49 $8P $49
Grammatophyllum elegans "Filippa" Philippines. Tall spikes of large filled in fls to 8 cm, yellow green overlayed tan brown. Very showy 12P $38 $12P $38
Grammatophyllum marteae I.W. Philippines. Tall spikes of large filled in fls to 8 cm, rich darkglossy brown. Very showy 12P $38 $12P $38
Grammatophyllum papuanum W. New Guinea. Huge plant.Fls to 12 cm, yellow green spotted red brown. 12P $38 $12P $38
grammatophyllum speciosum W. Asia. Giant. Fls to 12 cm, green yellow blotched red brown on huge spike. 12P $44 $12P $44
Grammatophyllum wallisii W Philippines. Giant.Fls 12 cm,cream flushed rose, blotched red brown on huge spike. Larger plants enquire 12P $38 $12P $38
Graphorchis scripta I. Madagascar. Small Catasetum like plant, panicle yellow spotted redbrown fls. 12P $42 $12P $42
Habenaria dentata I.C. China. Robust, fast grower.Tall spikes 3cm pure white fls, lip dentate 12P $44 $12P $44
Habenaria rumphii I. Thailand/Australia. Terrestrial.(H.holtzei)Dense spike unusual shaped white flowers 12P $44 $12P $44
Haemaria discolor alba x alba I. China. Clear green leaf, veined silver. Very Rare. 12P $49 $12P $49
Jumellea filicornoides !. Africa. Small grower, pure white fragrant fls, long spur 12P $44 $12P $44
L. purp estriata x estriata orrorio I Brazil. var estriata orrorio x var estriata. Striped petals. Large seedlings. 10P $44 $10P $44
L. purpurata flamea I Brazil. Petals with flame coloured flare. A noteworthy colour form 12P $44 $12P $44
L. purpurata striata x striata I Brazil. Sib cross , pale pink, dark red purple stripes in petals and sepals. 10P $44 $10P $44
Laelia angereri I. Brazil. Rock grower.Tall spikes yellow 5cm fls. Showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia blumenschenii I.C. Brazil. Rupicolus.Sparkling 4cm pale yellow,tall spike.Lip veined purple. 10P $44 $10P $44
Laelia caulescens I Brazil. Rupicolus. Sparkling 4cm fls, pink, dark pink purple.Disc yellow 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia cinnabarina I. Brazil. Fls to 7 cm, cinnabar red orange, glossy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia esqualeana I Brazil. Dwarf rupicolus sps. Pale yellow, citron, lip veined pink purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia fidelensis I.C. Brazil. Rare, pumila section, fls to 12 cm, pale pink purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia jongheana I Brazil. Pumila group.Fls to 12cm, soft rose purple, lip disk yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia lucasiana I.W. Brazil. Rupicolus,dwarf. Sparkling pink purple fls to 4 cm, lip yellow. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia lueddemanniana I.W. Cent Amer. Schomburgkia. Fls glossy 6.5 cm, tan bronze, lip paler. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia lundii I.W. Brazil. Dwarf. Sparkling pink purple fls to 3 cm, lip striped 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia millerii I.W Brazil. Red, orange red, rupicolus, brilliant coloured fls to 5cm 10P $44 $10P $44
Laelia pumila Black Diamond I. Brazil. Black Diamond x self. extra dark rose purple form. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia purp Sanguinea "Mentzi" I Brazil. Fls to 15 cm, fls red to red purple, lip darker. Showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia purpurata carnea I. Brazil. Large white, flesh pink lip. Fls to 15cm. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta I Brazil. sib"Haetinge x No1 Otto". Large fls to 15 cm.Violet coloured 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia purpurata roxovioleta x ardosia splash I.C. Brazil. Fls to 15 cm, fls rose violet, lip darker.SplashX Showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia purpurata sanguinea I. Brazil. Fls to 15 cm, lip red. 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia regineae I. Brazil. Minature rock grower. Fls to3cm, pale crystalline pink 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia sierrae I.C. Guatemala. rose colour Guatemala similar L.gouldiana 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia tereticaulis I.C. Brazil. Rupicolus. Sparkling 4cm fls, pink, dark pink purple.Disc yellow 12P $44 $12P $44
Laelia undulata "graybill" I. Cent Amer. Schomburgkia.Tall spikes of 5cm bronze purple, wavy margined sepals/petals. 12P $44 $12P $44
Leptotes bicolor I.W. Brazil. Minatue grower, fls to 4cm, white, bright purple lip, in clusters. 12P $44 $12P $44
Leptotes unicolor I.W. Brazil. Minature, terete leaf, fls 2.5cm waxy pink purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
MACODES LOWII W Borneo. Dark green red leaf, veined iridescent pink red. 12P $96 $12P $96
MACODES PETOLA W Borneo. Emerald green leaf, veined iridescent silver. . 12P $96 $12P $96
MACODES SANDERIANA #A1 I. New Guinea. GENUINE SPECIES x New Guinea.Large velvet dark green leaf 12P $96 $12P $96
MACODES SANDERIANA. #B I. New Guinea. veined gold to 16cm. The most beautiful of all Jewel Orchids 12P $96 $12P $96
Maxillaria valenzuelana I. Cent Amer. Fan like plant, foliage bluegreen. Fls yellow, lip purple marks 12P $38 $12P $38
Mormodes andreetae I. Brazil. Goblin orchid 12P $44 $12P $44
Mormodes buccinator I.W. Cent Amer. Large cream yellow to gold brown, twisted lip, goblin orchid. 12P $44 $12P $44
Mormodes claesiana I.W. Colombia. Goblin orchid. Bright yellow fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Mormodes lineata I. Cent Amer. Goblin orchid. Twisted lip, large fls cream, striped. 12P $44 $12P $44
Mormodes sinuata I.W. Cent Amer. Dark red, dark veined fls. 12P $44 $12P $44
Neo(('Syutennou' x 'Syoujyou')' select red )x Pink wild form I.C. Japan. Dwarf, pink waxy fls, spurred, fragrant.Sib cross 2 red x pink clones 12P $49 $12P $49
Neofinetia falcata C.I.W. Japan. Dwarf, pure white waxy fls, spurred, fragrant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Nervilia discolor I.C.W. Australia.. N. Dallachyana. Jewel, glittering green flushed purple leaf, 4cm purple flowers . 12P $44 $12P $44
Nervilia discolor Purple and Green forms I.C.W. Australia.. Purple leaf form and a green leaf form of above available 12P $44 $12P $44
Nervilia peltata I.W Australia.. Tuber,single leaf to 3cm, silvergreen, fls green,lip white.jewel orchid RARE. 12P $44 $12P $44
Oncidium barbatum I.W. Brazil. Like O croesus. Sps pts dark brown, lip vidid yellow. Slab culture. 12P $38 $12P $38
Oncidium calochilum I.W. Cent Amer. Minature needle leaf plant, fls 2cm, yellow, lip fringed.Exquisite 12P $38 $12P $38
Oncidium kramerianum I. Costa Roca. Same section as O.papillio. Orange yellow butterfly, fls to 7 cm. 12P $44 $12P $44
Oncidium leucochilum I.C. Mexico. Showy green, spotted red brown, lip large, white, marked red. Fragrant 12P $42 $12P $42
Oncidium pumilum I. Brazil. Minature mule ear leaf type. Dense spikes of tiny cream yellow fls.Looks like coral. 12P $44 $12P $44
Oncidium sarcodes I. Brazil. Showy, glossy brown and gold, lip gold spotted redbrown. 12P $38 $12P $38
Oncidium splendidum I. Honduras. Tall spikes of large goldenyellow fls. Very showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Oncidium stramineum I. Mexico. Small mule ear leaf type. Panicle straw coloured fls. 12 P $38 $12 P $38
Paphinia cristata I. Venezuela. protocorm USA. Fls 7.5cm, red, silver white stripes.Limited 12P $49 $12P $49
Paraphalaenopsis laycockii W C. terete leaf Phal. Fls to 7cm, pale pink, showy 10 P $49 $10 P $49
Paraphalaenopsis denevii W V. terete leaf Phal. Fls to 6cm, gold and brown 10 P $49 $10 P $49
Peristeria elata I W Panama. Panama Dove Orchid. Waxy 5cm white, centre dove like. 12P $44 $12P $44
Pescatoria lehmanni C. Colombia. Fls 8cm, white, veined red purple, lip deep purple mauve 12P $44 $12P $44
Phaius tankarvilleae I. Australia.. Large mahogany fls, red purple lip. white on the outside. Two select clones sib X 12P $44 $12P $44
Phalaenopsis equestris W. Philippines. Phal rosea. Panicle of rosy coloured fls. lip orange 12P $44 $12P $44
Phalaenopsis mannii I India. Glossy yellow overlaid redbrown 12P $44 $12P $44
Phalaenopsis schilleriana I.W. Philippines. Panicles of 6.5cm pale pink to pink purple fls. Showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Phalaenopsis tetraspis alba (P.speciosa) W. Andaman Isles. Elegant waxy white fls, lip purple blotch. Limited. Small grower, basket/pot. 12P $44 $12P $44
Phalaenopsis violacea Sumatra W. Sumatra. Waxy white, lateral sepals violet purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Psych. (Epi.bifidum) atropurpureum#1 I.W. Cent Amer. Showy, flowers to 5cm, yellow green, veined redbrown. 12P $38 $12P $38
Psychilis atropurpureum#2DH Cent Amer. Lip white, purple.Tips with a redbrown spot. 12P $38 $12P $38
Renanthera bella W. Borneo. Red, spotted blood red. Large fls, very showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Renanthera imshootiana I.C. India. Showy scarlet red, small grower, sparkling red. 12P $44 $12P $44
Renanthera imshootiana x Asco miniatum I. . Vermilion red x orange dwarf 12P $44 $12P $44
Renanthera imshootiana x monochica I.W. . Red with yellow spots.Ren Tom Thumb 12P $38 $12P $38
Renanthera isosepala I.W. Thailand. Panicles of red, spotted blood red. Large fls, very showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Renanthera matutina I.W. Philippines. Small grower, panicle of orange flowers spotted red. 12P $42 $12P $42
Renanthera monochica I.W. Philippines. Beautiful yellow, spotted red fls, very showy, small grower. 12P $44 $12P $44
Rhyncostylis gigantea I.W. Thailand. White flowers spotted and tipped magenta 12P $44 $12P $44
Rhyncostylis gigantea alba x alba I.W. Thailand. Sib cross of 2 large pure white clones. Fls waxy, heavy textured. 12P $44 $12P $44
Rhyncostylis gigantea alba x red I.W. Thailand. Large white x red, for large heavy blotches of red on white. 12P $44 $12P $44
Rhyncostylis illustre I.W. Thailand. Heavy textured, waxy white, spotted, blotched purple, lip purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Rhyncostylis violacea Philippines. Anota violacea. Like Rhy gigantea, white, spotted purple 12P $44 $12P $44
Sarc roseus Rockingham Bay W.I. Australia. Dwarf grower, tends to vine. Dark rose coloured fls, lip paler 12P $42 $12P $42
Sarcochilus cecileae Cleveland Bay I.W. Australia. Type form,Cleveland Bay.Good rose colour,shape,heavy texture 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia brysiana I.W. Cayman Islands. Long spikes of 5cm yellow, marked purple showy fls 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia crispa I.W. Brazil. Tall spikes, tawny yellow fls., lip white. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia exaltata I. Venezuela. Like S.tibicinis, large purple, bronze purple. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia gloriosa I.W. Venezuela. Tall spikes, tawny yellow fls., lip white. Venezuelan form of Sch.crispa 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia moyobambie !. Cent Amer. Tall spike, 20/25 fls, browm edged yellow, crisped marginally, rose coloured bracts. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia splendida I. Venezuela. Purple red fls to 10 cm, lip paler.Tall spike. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia thompsoniana I.W. Cent Amer. Pale 5cm heavy textured cream fls,similar S.brysiana.Tall spikes. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia tibicinis I.W. Cent Amer. Waxy, wavy edged fls, purple and bronze, showy. 12P $44 $12P $44
Schomburgkia weberbaueria I. Cent Amer. Waxy glossy fls to 5cm, redbrown, edged yellow, lip white,pink. 12P $44 $12P $44
Sievekingia fimbriata W Cent Amer. Atlantic rain/forest pend spikes, v/rare.Yellow.Stanhopea like. 12P $44 $12P $44
Sievikingia suavis W. Cent Amer. As above, yellow, small growing plants like Gongora,Coryanthes 12P $44 $12P $44
Sobennikoffia humbertiana W. Madagascar. Magnificent sculptured sps,pts, white, green in lip, spurred. 12P $44 $12P $44
Sophronitis brevipedunculata I.W Brazil. Minaure, rose red, orange red like Soph coccinea. 12P $44 $12P $44
Sophronitis cernua I. Brazil.. Minature, clusters of bright orange fls on tiny plant. Growing on cork. 12P $44 $12P $44
Sophronitis coccinea I.C. Brazil. Minature, large 5cm fls red to scarlet.Sib cross selected clones 12P $44 $12P $44
Sophronitis rosea (wittigiana) C.I.W Brazil. Showy minature, rose coloured form Soph .coccinea 12P $44 $12P $44
Spath (Sunshine x Kimballiana 4N) x sulawesiense I . Yellow & orange x robust white.Terrestrial easy grower 12P $42 $12P $42
Spathoglottis plicata "Rhodobracteosum" I.W. New Guinea?. Large vivid redmagenta bracts & flowers. Many flrd, medium height spikes 12P $42 $12P $42
Spathoglottis albida I.W. New Guinea. Tall spike with white flowers flushed pink 12P $42 $12P $42
Spathoglottis hybrids, yellow/magenta/orange I . Request seperate list.Many colours 12P $42 $12P $42
Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N (var angustifolia x BP) Philippines. Sib cross 4N, 8cm vivid yellow fls, dwarf plant. 12P $44 $12P $44
Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N sib(#1 x BP) I.W. Philippines. Superb species, bright golden yellow fls to 8cm, terrestrial 12P $44 $12P $44
Spathoglottis Portus-Finchii New Guinea. Deciduous, dwarf, with pink purple.Fls 12P $44 $12P $44
Spathoglottis sulawesiense. I.W. Sulawesi. Very robust species. White fls 3cm, lip side lobes rose pink 12P $42 $12P $42
Spathoglottis vanoverberghii I. Philippines. Vivid yellow, fls to 4cm, red dots on lip. 12P $44 $12P $44
Stanhopea cirrhata "Clarence Horich" I. Costa Rica. Cream, orange fls to 11 cm. Very fragrant 12P $44 $12P $44
Stanhopea florida I. Cent Amer. Rare species,large cream white spotted red,fragrant fls to 15 cm. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea gibbosa KB I.C. Cent Amer. Seed from Belgium. Rare species, cream fls, spotted red 10P $42 $10P $42
Stanhopea grandiflora Surinam I.C. Cent Amer. seed from Europe. Huge fls to 14cm, white, red streaks on lip 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea haseloviana I. Colombia. Larger fls., cream, reddish ring like blotches, lip middle, white. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea hernandezii I. Guatemala. Large fls, yellow blotched red, lip paler, fine red spotting. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea inodora I.C. Cent Amer. Fls to 12.5 cm. Green, ice green, fragrant. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea insigne I. Brazil/Peru. Fls to 12cm,cream to orange yellow, with violet purple blotches. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea lietzei "KB" I.C. Brazil. Large fls, all white, flushed green, cream. Seed from Belgium. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea martiana I. Mexico. Huge fls, white with red markings. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea nigripes I Peru. Cream flushed pink, spotted. Lip yellow & black. Rare 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea nigroviolacea Mefistophele I.C Mexico. cv Mefistophele.Large form,dark purpleblack blotches on yellow 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea pozoi I Peru. Large yellow fls, lip with a prominent red maroon "eye" blotch. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea reichenbachiana !. Venezuela. Warm grower, seems to be free flowering.The flowers are pure white, fragrant. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea saccata "Rene" I. Mexico. Seed from Holland. Large yellow, spotted red, lip yellow,orange 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea saccata Gigantea I. Cent Amer. A larger flowered form. ( Photo T.Wilson) 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea shuttleworthii I. Cent Amer. Huge fls, yellow with large orange stripes, blotches.France.. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea stevensoni I. Peru. Rare species.Spikes to 8 fls, rich dark yellow,column near white. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea tigrina "Uptons" I.C. Mexico. Huge fls to 17cm. Yellow, chocolate purple blotches. Showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea tigrina Superba I.C. Mexico. Lecoufle, France.Select, 15cm yellow blotched purple chocolate. 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea warscewicziana I. Venezuela. Huge fls,creamyellow marked spotted redbrown.Seed Venezuela 12P $42 $12P $42
Stanhopea xytriophora I. Cent Amer. Seed Holland. Rare species, cream to ivory white and yellow (Photo Tony Wilson) 12P $42 $12P $42
Trichocentrum tigrinum I. Ecuador.. Dwarf, fls to 5 cm, yellow spotted brown, large lip white, 12P $42 $12P $42
Trichocentrum tigrinum Peru. rose red base,yellow keels. Oncid like, on slab or very small pot 12P $42 $12P $42
Trichoglottis loheriana (Davisii) I.W. Philippines. Showy heavy textured fls, green, with black spots and lines. 12P $42 $12P $42
Vanda bensoneae I.W. Thailand. Fls to 5cm, pale rose or white outside, inside yellow veined chestnut. 12P $44 $12P $44
Vanda hindsii W Australia. Small growingf strap leaf, yellow and brown fragrant fls. 12P $42 $12P $42
Vanda luzonica I.W. Philippines. Fls to 5 cm,white tipped magenta showy. 12P $42 $12P $42
Vanda teres var Andersoneae W India. A terete leafed species, pink purple with gold veining in the large labellum. 12P $44 $12P $44
Vanda tricolor I.W. Asia. Large fls to 6cm, white blotched purple brown. 12P $42 $12P $42
Vandopsis gigantea W. Thailand. Large fleshy plt. Fls fleshy, 4cm, yellow blotched light brown. 12P $38 $12P $38
Vandopsis lissochiloides W. Asia. Large plant.Fls to 6cm, yellow blotched purple, purple outside. 12P $42 $12P $42
Vandopsis longicaule W. Asia. Large plant.Fls to 6cm, yellow blotched brown.Similar to lissochiloides 12P $42 $12P $42
Zygopetalum mackayii nigrescens I.C. Brazil. From Brazil. Green sps,pts,blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. 12P $42 $12P $42
Zygopetalum mackayii. I.C. Brazil. True form. Green blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. 12P $42 $12P $42