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In FLASK.   Graphorchis scripta,  Catasetum thyalaciochilum, Vandopsis longicaule, Vandopsis lissochiloides, Vanda luzonica. Dendrobium spectabile

In PLANTS.   Due to the continuing potting and repotting schedule, we suggest that you send your want list of species by email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com    Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam. A reply by email will advise current stocks of plants of interest.
Ready to replate.
Coryanthes species, Catasetums and Mormodes species
Dendrobium hercoglossum Laelia purpurata "roxovioleta x ardosia splash"
Laelia millerii
Stanhopea cirrhata "Clarence Horich"
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii) Paphinia cristata  Spathoglottis  sps Magenta

 Culture.   Spathoglottis. Species and hybrids I cannot kill.

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CITES. Flasks exempt.

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Cloud Forest InstituteJoin Conservation of cloud forest.

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New in Flask.
Graphorchis scripta, Madagascan,  Catasetum culture, panicle of yellow flowers spotted redbrown.Rests in winter.
Catasetum thyalaciochilum, Clowesia type, light green with darker green stripes.
Vandopsis longicaule, Large robust species, flowers yellow blotched redbrown.
Vandopsis lissochiloides, Large robust species, flowers yellow blotched redbrown,purple on the back of sepals and petals.
Vanda luzonica, Strap leaf, white flowers tipped magenta purple.
Dipodium pictum,  most unusual climbing plant with pink spotted flowers.
New in Plants
   Bulbophyyllum corolliferum. SE Asia.small compact grower, with umbels of  crimson flowers.
A manageable plant that  will grow into a specimen clump with brightly coloured flowers.
   Bulbophyllum fletcherianum, Left. The giant New Guinea species
  Spathoglottis affinis 4N. Left. The tetraploid form. Tubers are dormant during  the winter and  are best sent  just before Spring at which time they reshoot. See article below.
  Trichoglottis philippinense. Like T brachiata, but flower pale yellow with pale chestnut bars, lip white, flushed pink. Does best on something to climb up.
Ready to Replate.
Coryanthes.several species of the fascinating Bucket Orchid. Culture as for Stanhopea.
Catasetum.several species of this dimorphic genus that produce fascinating highly coloured male flowers.
Mormodes.several species of this cousin to Catasetum, noted as the "Goblin Orchid"  for its colourful weird flower.
Gongora. several Punch and Judy orchids. Long pendulous spikes of unique fragrant flowers.
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii).  Huge clusters of pale to dark pink fls, lip with yellow orange disc. Half of legendary Dend mousmee
Dendrobium hercoglossum. A charming species,clusters of pink somewhat bell shaped flowers along the deciduous stem.
Laelia millerii.  Rock grower,brilliant red fire engine red.
 Laelia purpurata "roxovioleta x ardosia splash" Cooler grower, select violet crossed into a splash petal.
Paphinia cristata  Dwarf grower  with showy red fls to 3 inches across.Grow in tiny pot.
Spathoglottis  sps Magenta A very dark redmagenta form of Spathoglottis plicata, eye catching vivid colour..Could not reproduce the correct colour with the digital camera, its much darker. Note colour of  Spathoglottis plicata " bulbosa magenta" below
Stanhopea cirrhata "Clarence Horich". Selfing of a plant raised from seed from Clarence Horich,Costa Rica.
Fragrant Orange and yellow flowers. Real conservation
 Species highlighted are links to photos.
More photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html
 Species and hybrids I cannot kill.

         This genus is one of the easiest of orchid plants to grow.
 The basic requirement is a good rich soil mix, with leafmould and some coarse gravel to provide good drainage. In the Nursery, recycled crushed treefern  is add to this mix, creating a somewhat fibrous media.
         Spathoglottis are very tolerant of differing potting medias.
 Because of the often large wide plicate leaves, a wider shallower container may  assist watering and fertilising. They are robust growers and quickly fill a container with roots.       Frequent application of blood and bone as a fertiliser will result in large robust bulbs and growth, they are heavy feeders..
Sunlight is essential, short of leaf burn. Plants should be grown on the bench with Dendrobiums and Cattleyas, or even out in the garden, never under the bench.
     There are  basically two groups within the genus, one  with evergreen foliage, the other, usually much smaller, being deciduous.
     Evergreens include Spathoglottis plicata and all its forms, the New Guinea species and Spathoglottis aurea, Spathoglottis kimballiana and species with large wide plicate leaves.
    The deciduous species include the smaller  Spathoglottis affinis, Spathoglottis pubescens, Spathoglottis vandoverburghii, all of which tend to loose the old growth bulb and consist of a new seasonal, somewhat flat, round tuber.
Species and primary hybrids within the Spath affinis group, are deciuous during the cooler months, and can be  removed from the orchid house and water withheld, with only an occasional  watering, so as not to dry out too hard.
      The evergreen species and hybrids should also be treated to a dormant/rest period, with plants kept just damp and not wet during winter. The requirement for a rest for all Spathoglottis makes them easily grown in cooler climat. During winter, ignore them.
      Below photos of a few very colourful hybrids.
   Spathoglottis Java Beauty. Grown in the Townsville region for 60 years  as Java  Hybrid or Java Beauty..Parentage not known, but possibly it is Spathoglottis Rhodomelon? ( Spathoglottis Primrose x plicata see Holtum Flora of Malaya.)
  Spathoglottis Sunshine x Kimballiana
  Spathoglottis Harlequin.(Sapthoglottis Java beauty x Kimballiana). Unofficially named by Ted Green as the cross cannot be registered because Java Beauty is not a registered name.
  Spathoglottis  Valerie Yamada Southwood ( Spathoglottis.eburneum x plicata) an example of the deciduous type crossed with the evergreen, requiring a definte dormant stage
  Spathoglottis Harlequin x  Kimballiana
  Spathoglottis Freckle Face ( Spathoglottis kimballiana x plicata).
 More photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html
Seed of SPECIES orchids.
Email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com (Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam) .for the latest list of seed available in packets enough to prepare 3 to 4 flasks.
Cattleya, Coryanthes, Dendrobium,  Oncidium, Laelia, Aerides with more added as harvested.
All seed dated at collection, airmail post world wide and there is no restriction on orchid seed.
Conservation of cloud forest flora and fauna. 
Join Cloud Forest Institute
"http://www.cloudforest.org" FOR MORE INFORMATION
Join Cloud Forest Institute, a federally recognized 501(c)3 to fund a wildlife corridor in the Ecuadorian
Tropical Andes and protect it - forever!
The two parcels comprising of 840-acres of Cloud Forest in the Ecuadorian Paso Alto Range of the Andes
in the Cambugan Watershed is home to jaguars, spectacled bears, over 300 species of ORCHIDS, and the
highest number of amphibian and endemic bird species in the WORLD. Concerned people are encouraged to make tax-deducatible donations and create honorary groves in their name.
Flasks are EXEMPT under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Title 50, Part 23, Subpart C, Appendix II.
S 23.23 (d) (6) Specifically exempted: For orchidacea species:
(i) in Appendix I, seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers.
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