Nervilia Culture & Conservation

These Australian species are grown in the Nursery in well crocked 20 cm or 30cm pots. The growing media is a sandy soil mix with added leaf mould and dormant tubers are repotted into fresh media annually, at the beginning of summer. To avoid wet season leaf damage from dripping water, the plants are grown under cover about +80% shade.

Prolific growers they will multiply in pot by 2 or 3 or more times each season, producing adventitious stolons and new tubers. Leaves also develop to a larger size in cultivation.

Nervilia aragoana; Leaves to 20 cm, 6 to 8 plants in a 20cm pot

Nervilia Aragoana








Nervilia Dallachyanagreen, greenpurple flushed, and purple forms.  Pot 8 to 10 plants in 20 cm pot, depending on leaf size.








Nervilia peltata. A smaller grower that will do well in a wider more shallow tray/pot. Below too many in a 30 cm shallow tray/pot. In cultivation leaves get to 7 cm across.










Nervilia uniflora. Seems to prefer a deep pot with a little extra shade.Photo of plants getting too much light. Plant 8 to 12 in a 20cm pot.











Nervilia crociformis. David's plant grown in scoria.

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Australian Nervila species

Nervilia aragoana; Cape York Northern Territory Nervilia crociformis; Cape York Northern Territory Nervilia Dallachyana Nervilia discolor; Tropical Queensland, Northern Territory Nervilia peltata; Tropical Queensland Nervilia uniflora; Tropical Queensland
Text by Ian Walters.
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