Flask List  Dendrobium-Dossinia

Updated 26/08/2019
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Dend bigibbum bigibbum purple W., Australia.

Flat rose purple fls, lip with white disc. Exquisite shape. 12P $44 12P $44

Dend bigibbum superbum alba x alba W., Australia

Round, pure white Phalananthe fls, green lip disc. Sib cross for true alba 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium cruentum
I.W., Thailand.

Green fls Red labellum Showy 12P $44 12P $44

Dend bigibbum superbum purple W., Australia

Phalananthe Dend. round purple fls on long spike. 12P $44 12P $44

Dend densiflorum x amabile I.,

Orange yellow x white flushed pink. Heavy clusters crystalline fls Yellow Mousmee type? 12P $44 12P $44

Dend moniliforme silver edge x self I.C., Japan

var"ginryu" silver edged leaf form.Fls white, fragrant. 12P $44 12P $44

Dend talasea mushroom pink W., New Guinea

Ceretobe, cream with mushroom pink antlers, lip veined purple 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium aggregatum majus giant I.C.W., Burma

Gigantea.Large bulb/fl form,bright yellow orange.True var majus 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii) I.C., Burma

Long lost Bronckartii. Fls 4cm, white, flushed pink, in huge bunches. 12P $49 12P $49

Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii) I.C., Burma

Lip yellow. A large robust grower to 80cm tall, like D.densiflorum. RARE. 12P $49 12P $49

Dendrobium antennatum I.W., New Guinea

Fls to 5cm. White, antlers green, lip veined purple. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium antennatum D'albertsii I.C., Australia

Small grower, antelope white with green horns, lip veined purple 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium Broomfieldii W., Australia.

sib X "Whitsunday x Cooktown" Lutino form, all yellow, lip white. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium canaliculatum W., Australia

Many flrd sprays white, tipped yellow, purple disk on lip.

Dendrobium canaliculatum click here A review

12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium canaliculatum nigrescens W., Australia.

Fragrant,. multi flrd spikes fls white tipped brown, purple lip 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium dicuphum green throat Alba W., Australia.

Well presented spikes of 2.5cm fls, white, green  centre 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium dicuphum red centre W, Australia

Well presented spikes of 2.5cm fls, white, red centre labellum 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium discolor "giant" W., Australia.

Fls larger than normal, rich yellow brown, margins much crisped. Possibly 4N 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium farmerii albiflorum C.I.W., Thailand

Clusters of sparkling white fls, lip bright yellow. Fragrant. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium farmerii pink I.C., India

Robust, heavy bunches of 4cm pink fls, lip yellow, fragrant. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium formosum giganteum I., India

Large waxy fls to 10 cm, glossy white, lip with large yellow patch. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium gouldii W., New Guinea

Ceretobe, yellow fls with dark brown/black antlers 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium helix "Pomio Brown" W., New Guinea

Big antelope, chocolate brown antlers, violet purple veined lip 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium hercoglossum I., Thailand

Small growing softcane sps, clusters of pink purple fls enmass. Fragrant 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium Johannis W, Australia

Tan brown, twisted petals, keeled lip. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium lampongense !., Thailand

A section Calcarata, yellow, cream yellow fls. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium palpaebrae W.I.C., Thailand

Like D farmerii, crystalline white flushed pink, yellow lip. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium pedunculatum dwarf I., Australia

Compact 6cm psdblbs form D.speciosum. Long dense spikes, 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium primulinum giganteum I.C., India

Pale pink purple fls to 4cm, lip yellow, downy, fragrant. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium rhodopterygium Semi AlbaI.W., India

Like a tetraploid Dend parishii, snow white with 2 dark magenta eyes in the lip. Fragrant 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium rhodopterygium I.W., India

Like a tetraploid Dend parishii, dark purple with 2 dark magenta eyes in the lip. Fragrant 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium schullerii , Indonesia

Green yellow ceretobe, with wider petals. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium secundum I.W., Thailand

Thai form, bright magent pink,orange lip,bottlebrush 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium Helix "Brown" W, New Guinea 

Brown ceretobe, violet veined lip 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium stratiotes Sunda Isle W., Celebes

Supreme antelope, white, green horns, purple veined lip, 7cm fls. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium talasea W., New Guinea

Ceretobe, green yellow antlers, lip veined blue. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium talasea "Cream Yellow"W., New Guinea

Ceretobe, cream yellow antlers, lip veined blue. Good large fls. 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium teretifolium C.I.W., Australia

Pencil orchid. Terete leaves, clusters of fragrant white fls.Larger coastal NQ form 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium teretifolium fasiculatum"sulphurea" W., Australia

The yellow flowered Dockrillia Dend teretifolium 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium tetragonum giganteum I., Australia

Fls to 10 cm, yellow, white lip spottted red x red lip.Showy 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium topaziacum I., Philippines

Clusters of yellow orange fls, lip striped red. Bottle brush type 12P $44 12P $44

Dendrobium williamsianum W, New Guinea

Dusky magenta amethyst flowers 12P $44 12P $44

Dipodium pandanum , Australia

Climber, cream yellow spotted purple 12P $44 12P $44

Dipodium pictum W, Malaya

Pale yellow flowers spotted pink. Upright Vanda like grower 12P $44 12P $44

Dossinia marmorata var Dayii I., Borneo

Jewel Orchid.Beautiful velvet redblack leaf to 6cm long, 5cm,veined copperred 10P $49 10P $49