Flask List 2018 Paphiopedilum-Psychilus

Updated 2-January-18
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Paphinia cristata I., Venezuela

protocorm USA. Fls 7.5cm, red, silver white stripes.Limited 12P $49 12P $49

Paphiopedilum laevigatum I.W., Philippines

Like Philippinense,Roebellinii, paler in colour and forms clumps quickly. 12P $44 12P $44

Paraphalaenopsis laycockii W, C

terete leaf Phal. Fls to 7cm, pale pink, showy 10 P $49 10 P $49

Paraphalaenopsis denevii W, V

terete leaf Phal. Fls to 6cm, gold and brown 10 P $49 10 P $49

Peristeria elata I W, Panama

Panama Dove Orchid. Waxy 5cm white, centre dove like. 12P $44 12P $44

Phaius tankarvilleae I., Australia.

Large mahogany fls, red purple lip. white on the outside. Two select clones sib X 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis amabilis Grandiflora W., Philippines

The large well shaped pure white 12P $44

Phalaenopsis equestris W., Philippines

Phal rosea. Panicle of rosy coloured fls. lip orange 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis Formosana W., Formosa

The large well shaped pure white tetraploid 12P $44

Phalaenopsis kunstleri W., Borneo

Yellow and chestnut lacquered sepals and petals 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis lobbii aurea I.W., India

Minature, white fls, this form lip lobes YELLOW 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis mannii I, India

Glossy yellow overlaid redbrown 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis schilleriana I.W., Philippines

Panicles of 6.5cm pale pink to pink purple fls. Showy. 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis tetraspis alba (P.speciosa) W., Andaman Isles

Elegant waxy white fls, lip purple blotch. Limited. Small grower, basket/pot. 12P $44 12P $44

Phalaenopsis violacea Sumatra W., Sumatra

Waxy white, lateral sepals violet purple. 12P $44 12P $44

Psych. (Epi.bifidum) atropurpureum#1 I.W., Cent Amer

Showy, flowers to 5cm, yellow green, veined redbrown. 12P $44 12P $44

Psychilis atropurpureum#2DH , Cent Amer

Lip white, purple.Tips with a redbrown spot. 12P $44 12P $44

Renanthera bella W., Borneo

Red, spotted blood red. Large fls, very showy. 12P $44 12P $44

Renanthera imshootiana I.C., India

Showy scarlet red, small grower, sparkling red. 12P $44 12P $44

Renanthera imshootiana x Asco miniatum I.,

Vermilion red x orange dwarf 12P $44 12P $44

Renanthera isosepala I.W., Thailand

Panicles of red, spotted blood red. Large fls, very showy. 12P $44 12P $44

Renanthera monochica I.W., Philippines

Beautiful yellow, spotted red fls, very showy, small grower. 12P $44 12P $44