Flask List 2018 Tainia-Zygopetalum

Updated 2-January-18
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Trichocentrum tigrinum I., Ecuador.

Dwarf, fls to 5 cm, yellow spotted brown, large lip white, 12P $44 12P $44

Trichocentrum tigrinum , Peru

rose red base,yellow keels. Oncid like, on slab or very small pot 12P $44 12P $44

Trichoglottis loheriana (Davisii) I.W., Philippines

Showy heavy textured fls, green, with black spots and lines. 12P $42 12P $42

Vanda bensoneae I.W., Thailand

Fls to 5cm, pale rose or white outside, inside yellow veined chestnut. 12P $44 12P $44

Vanda boxallii I.W., Philippines

Small grower. Fls to 4cm, white, red purple lateral sepals.Showy 12P $44 12P $44

Vanda hindsii W, Australia

Small growingf strap leaf, yellow and brown fragrant fls. 12P $44 12P $44

Vanda luzonica I.W., Philippines

Fls to 5 cm,white tipped magenta showy. 12P $44 12P $44

Vanda teres var Andersoneae W, India

A terete leafed species, pink purple with gold veining in the large labellum. 12P $44 12P $44

Vanda tricolor I.W., Asia

Large fls to 6cm, white blotched purple brown. 12P $44 12P $44

Vandopsis longicaule W., Asia

Large plant.Fls to 6cm, yellow blotched brown.Similar to lissochiloides 12P $44 12P $44

Vanilla officinall I.W., Africa

Vanilla planiceps, the commercial vanilla orchid 12P $44 12P $44

Zygopetalum mackayii nigrescens I.C., Brazil

From Brazil. Green sps,pts,blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. 12P $42 12P $42

Zygopetalum mackayii. I.C., Brazil

True form. Green blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. 12P $42 12P $42