Search help page

New site search engine!

We have just installed our own search engine to make it easier to locate the items which interest you on this site. The search facility is featured on each and every page and is designed to help you with locating the items which interest you fast and easily. Look for it on the left of every page on the site!

Why use the search engine?

With a site like this which contains a reasonable amount of information scattered over a large number of pages we believe it is important to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to find the information you want whenever you want.
If for example you wanted to find general information which the site may offer about the Genus Paphiopedilum. You would type "Paphiopedilum" in the search text box and hit the "Search now" button. This search will bring up a list of all the pages on the site which mention Paphiopedilums.
You may well be looking for the availability of flasks of specific species of Paphiopedilum. Try searching "Paphiopedilum wardii + flasks" and this would narrow the search for you and if they are available as flasks would return a high result in the results produced.
The search engine is kept fully up to date with the site so all the latest plants and flasks available on the lists will return results if you happen to search for them by name.

Check your spelling

If you do not get any results on a species you believe we have, please check the spelling of the search string you entered, you may find this to be the cause of the poor results.