Flask List 2018 Galeandra-Jumellea

Updated 2-January-18
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Gongora species #1202 I., Cent Amer

Protocorm USA. New or RARELY SEEN sps, fls pink, many flrd. 12P $44 12P $44

Gongora truncata I., Brazil

Showy Punch & Judy orchid. Cream flushed orange, lip white. 10P $44 10P $44

Goodyera schlechtendaliana I.C., China

Exquisite Jewel orchid. Vivid green , blotched silverwhite. Leaf to 7cm x 3 cm. 8P $49 8P $49

Grammatophyllum elegans "Filippa" , Philippines

Tall spikes of large filled in fls to 8 cm, yellow green overlayed tan brown. Very showy 12P $44 12P $44

Grammatophyllum marteae I.W., Philippines

Tall spikes of large filled in fls to 8 cm, rich darkglossy brown. Very showy 12P $44 12P $44

Grammatophyllum papuanum W., New Guinea

Huge plant.Fls to 12 cm, yellow green spotted red brown. 12P $44 12P $44

grammatophyllum speciosum W., Asia

Giant. Fls to 12 cm, green yellow blotched red brown on huge spike. 12P $44 12P $44

Grammatophyllum wallisii W, Philippines

Giant.Fls 12 cm,cream flushed rose, blotched red brown on huge spike. Larger plants enquire 12P $44 12P $44

Graphorchis scripta I., Madagascar

Small Catasetum like plant, panicle yellow spotted redbrown fls. 12P $44 12P $44

Habenaria dentata I.C., China

Robust, fast grower.Tall spikes 3cm pure white fls, lip dentate 12P $44 12P $44

Habenaria rumphii I., Thailand/Australia

Terrestrial.(H.holtzei)Dense spike unusual shaped white flowers 12P $44 12P $44

Haemaria discolor alba x alba I., China

Clear green leaf, veined silver. Very Rare. 12P $49 12P $49

Jumellea comorense I., Madagascar

Dwarf species, slender stem. Fls elegant white, spurred,fragrnt 12P $44 12P $44

Jumellea filicornoides !., Africa

Small grower, pure white fragrant fls, long spur 12P $44 12P $44

L. purp estriata x estriata orrorio I, Brazil

var estriata orrorio x var estriata. Striped petals. Large seedlings. 10P $44 10P $44