Plant List  Renanthera-Vanda

Updated 12/11/2020
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Spathoglottis "bicolor" x Kimballiana I.W.,

Yellow fls,edged magenta. A more rounded larger flower, very robust grower Fl/Size $26.5

Spathoglottis eburnea x plicata I.W.,

S.Valerie Southwood.Pale shell pink to white, like eburnea Fl/Size $26.5

Spathoglottis Freckle Face I.,

Large heavy textured bright yellow Kimballiana x magenta plicata.Bicolor Fl/Size $26.50

Spathoglottis hybrids, yellow/magenta/orange I,

Request seperate list.Many colours request list

Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N (var angustifolia x BP) , Philippines

Sib cross 4N, 8cm vivid yellow fls, dwarf plant. Fl/size $36

Spathoglottis sulawesiense. I.W., Sulawesi

Very robust species. White fls 3cm, lip side lobes rose pink Fl/Size $26.5

Thrixspermum centipeda I., China

Typical of the genus, yellow spider like fls to 5cm.Small grower. Fl/size $26.5

Trichoglottis brachiata I.W., Philippines

Velvet dark maroon fls, purple lip. Showy, fragrant.Clumps available Fl/size $36

Trichoglottis breviracema I., Formosa China

Pendulous leafy species, pearl pink fls in clusters at the nodes.Very showy Slab,basket. Fl/size $36

Trichoglottis fasciata I.W., Thailand

Fls to 5 cm, pale yellow barred red brown, large white lip. Clumps available Fl/size $26.50

Trichoglottis ionosma I., Philippines

Branched spike, yellow spotted brown, lip white, heart shaped. Fl/size $26.50

Trichoglottis latisepala (rosea) , Philippines

Pendulous leafy species, pink purple fls in clusters at the nodes. Slab,basket. Fl/size large$36

Trichoglottis luchuensis "Formosa" I., Formosa/Taiwan

Branched spikes of yellow barred red brown fls, lip yellow. Fragrant. Fl/size $26.50

Trichoglottis philippinense I.W., Philippines

Like brachiata but fls pale yellow marked brown, lip pink. Fl/size $26.5

Trichoglottis tomentosa (sagarikii) I.W., Thailand

Showy, 3 cm fls, yellow, blotched brown, lip white, purple marked.Clumps available Fl/size $26.5

Trichoglottis wenzellii I.W., Philippines

Showy, 2 cm fls, yellow, striped red, lip white, purple marked.Clumps available. Fl/size $26.5

Vanda teres var Andersoneae W, India

A terete leafed species, pink purple with gold veining in the large labellum. Fl/size $26.5