Plant List  Cattleya-Dossinia

Updated 22/07/2022
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Coelogyne pandurata I., Borneo

Fls to 10cm, pale green, lip green marked black brown. Fl/size $36

Cymbidium bicolor I.C., China

Yellow, buff yellow with burgandy, purple brown stripes. Fl/size $26

Cymbidium findlaysonianum I.W., S.E.Asia

Robust, long spikes yellow and red flowers Fl/size $26

Dend anosum alba x alba I.W., Philippines

Huge pure white fragrant flowers Fl/size $36

Dend bigibbum superbum alba x alba W., Australia

Round, pure white Phalananthe fls, green lip disc. Sib cross for true alba Fl/size $26.50

Dend bigibbum superbum purple W., Australia

Phalananthe Dend. round purple fls on long spike. Fl/size $26.50

Dendrobium anceps I.W., S.E.Asia

Looks like a succulent, flat fleshy leaves and stem, apical greenyellow fls Fl/size $26.50

Dendrobium jenkensii I.C., India

Minature aggregatum. Fls to 3cm orange yellow, showy. Fl/s$36

Dendrobium mimiense W, New Guinea

Like D capituliflorum but leaves all green. Heads of green white fls. Fl/size $26.50

Dendrobium pierardi lantinifolium ,

Very pale pink fls, cream lip, fls to 5 cm. Fls along stem.D.aphyllum Fl/size $26

Dendrobium rhodopterygium semialba I., India

Fls to 4 cm, white, purple lip. Like D parishii. Fragrant Fl/Size $36

Dendrobium stratiotes Celebes ,W

Supreme antelope, white, green horns, purple veined lip, 7cm fls.
Fl/size $26.50

Dendrobium strepsocerus New Guinea ,W

Ceratobe antelope, white, green horns, purple veined lip, 5cm fls.
Fl/size $36


Dendrochilum cobbianum"Gold Chain" I.W., Philippines

"Gold Chain" Spikes glittering golden yellow fls. Very showy, fragrant. Fl/s$36

Dendrochilum cobbianum"green white" I.W., Philippines

"Green White". Fls green white, long many flrd spikes, fragrant. Fl/s$36

Dendrochilum macranthum I.W., Philippines

Largest. Orange crystalline fls on long spikes. Showy. D. longiflorum var macranthum Fl/size $36

Diplocaulobium Copelandii I.W., New Guinea

Minature plant, pale yellow flowers with a darker lip Fl/size $26.5

Diplocaulobium chrysotropsis I.W., New Guinea

Exquisite minature, cream fls, yellow lip, 2.5cm. Forms multiflowered clump Fl/Size $26.5

Diplocaulobium Kirshianum I.W., New Guinea

Exquisite minature, cream white fls, yellow lip, 2.5cm. Forms multiflowered clump Fl/size $26.5

Diplocaulobium Obyrnei I.W., New Guinea

Dwarf, yellow fls, dark plum in lip.Prev. D. cyclobulbon.Large clump $25. Fl/size $26.5

Doritis pulcherima chompornense I.W., Thailand

White to pale pink, splashed petals, yellow. Sib cross. Fl/size $26.5