Flask List 2017 Rangearis-Stenocoryne

Updated 29-Jan-17
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Rhyncostylis gigantea I.W., Thailand

White flowers spotted and tipped magenta 12P $44 12P $44

Rhyncostylis gigantea alba x alba I.W., Thailand

Sib cross of 2 large pure white clones. Fls waxy, heavy textured. 12P $44 12P $44

Rhyncostylis gigantea alba x red I.W., Thailand

Large white x red, for large heavy blotches of red on white. 12P $44 12P $44

Rhyncostylis illustre I.W., Thailand

Heavy textured, waxy white, spotted, blotched purple, lip purple. 12P $44 12P $44

Rhyncostylis violacea , Philippines

Anota violacea. Like Rhy gigantea, white, spotted purple 12P $44 12P $44

Sarc roseus Rockingham Bay W.I., Australia

Dwarf grower, tends to vine. Dark rose coloured fls, lip paler 12P $42 12P $42

Sarcochilus cecileae Cleveland Bay I.W., Australia

Type form,Cleveland Bay.Good rose colour,shape,heavy texture 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia brysiana I.W., Cayman Islands

Long spikes of 5cm yellow, marked purple showy fls 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia crispa I.W., Brazil

Tall spikes, tawny yellow fls., lip white. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia exaltata I., Venezuela

Like S.tibicinis, large purple, bronze purple. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia gloriosa I.W., Venezuela

Tall spikes, tawny yellow fls., lip white. Venezuelan form of Sch.crispa 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia moyobambie !., Cent Amer

Tall spike, 20/25 fls, browm edged yellow, crisped marginally, rose coloured bracts. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia splendida I., Venezuela

Purple red fls to 10 cm, lip paler.Tall spike. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia thompsoniana I.W., Cent Amer

Pale 5cm heavy textured cream fls,similar S.brysiana.Tall spikes. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia tibicinis I.W., Cent Amer

Waxy, wavy edged fls, purple and bronze, showy. 12P $44 12P $44

Schomburgkia weberbaueria I., Cent Amer

Waxy glossy fls to 5cm, redbrown, edged yellow, lip white,pink. 12P $44 12P $44

Sievekingia fimbriata W, Cent Amer

Atlantic rain/forest pend spikes, v/rare.Yellow.Stanhopea like. 12P $44 12P $44

Sievikingia suavis W., Cent Amer

As above, yellow, small growing plants like Gongora,Coryanthes 12P $44 12P $44

Sobennikoffia humbertiana W., Madagascar

Magnificent sculptured sps,pts, white, green in lip, spurred. 12P $44 12P $44

Sophronitis cernua I., Brazil.

Minature, clusters of bright orange fls on tiny plant. Growing on cork. 12P $44 12P $44

Sophronitis coccinea I.C., Brazil

Minature, large 5cm fls red to scarlet.Sib cross selected clones 12P $44 12P $44

Sophronitis rosea (wittigiana) C.I.W, Brazil

Showy minature, rose coloured form Soph .coccinea 12P $44 12P $44

Spath (Sunshine x Kimballiana 4N) x sulawesiense I,

Yellow & orange x robust white.Terrestrial easy grower 12P $42 12P $42

Spathoglottis plicata "Rhodobracteosum" I.W., New Guinea?

Large vivid redmagenta bracts & flowers. Many flrd, medium height spikes 12P $42 12P $42

Spathoglottis albida I.W., New Guinea

Tall spike with white flowers flushed pink 12P $42 12P $42

Spathoglottis hybrids, yellow/magenta/orange I,

Request seperate list.Many colours 12P $42 12P $42

Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N (var angustifolia x BP) , Philippines

Sib cross 4N, 8cm vivid yellow fls, dwarf plant. 12P $44 12P $44

Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N sib(#1 x BP) I.W., Philippines

Superb species, bright golden yellow fls to 8cm, terrestrial 12P $44 12P $44

Spathoglottis sulawesiense. I.W., Sulawesi

Very robust species. White fls 3cm, lip side lobes rose pink 12P $42 12P $42

Spathoglottis vanoverberghii I., Philippines

Vivid yellow, fls to 4cm, red dots on lip. 12P $44 12P $44

Stanhopea cirrhata "Clarence Horich" I., Costa Rica

Cream, orange fls to 11 cm. Very fragrant 12P $44 12P $44

Stanhopea florida I., Cent Amer

Rare species,large cream white spotted red,fragrant fls to 15 cm. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea gibbosa KB I.C., Cent Amer

Seed from Belgium. Rare species, cream fls, spotted red 10P $42 10P $42

Stanhopea grandiflora Surinam I.C., Cent Amer

seed from Europe. Huge fls to 14cm, white, red streaks on lip 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea haseloviana I., Colombia

Larger fls., cream, reddish ring like blotches, lip middle, white. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea hernandezii I., Guatemala

Large fls, yellow blotched red, lip paler, fine red spotting. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea inodora I.C., Cent Amer

Fls to 12.5 cm. Green, ice green, fragrant. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea insigne I., Brazil/Peru

Fls to 12cm,cream to orange yellow, with violet purple blotches. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea lietzei "KB" I.C., Brazil

Large fls, all white, flushed green, cream. Seed from Belgium. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea martiana I., Mexico

Huge fls, white with red markings. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea nigripes I, Peru

Cream flushed pink, spotted. Lip yellow & black. Rare 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea nigroviolacea Mefistophele I.C, Mexico

cv Mefistophele.Large form,dark purpleblack blotches on yellow 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea pozoi I, Peru

Large yellow fls, lip with a prominent red maroon "eye" blotch. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea reichenbachiana !., Venezuela

Warm grower, seems to be free flowering.The flowers are pure white, fragrant. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea saccata "Rene" I., Mexico

Seed from Holland. Large yellow, spotted red, lip yellow,orange 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea saccata Gigantea I., Cent Amer

A larger flowered form. ( Photo T.Wilson) 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea shuttleworthii I., Cent Amer

Huge fls, yellow with large orange stripes, blotches.France.. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea stevensoni I., Peru

Rare species.Spikes to 8 fls, rich dark yellow,column near white. 12P $42 12P $42

Stanhopea tigrina Superba I.C., Mexico

Lecoufle, France.Select, 15cm yellow blotched purple chocolate. 12P $42 12P $42