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Dendrobium draconis 
Dendrobium falconerii Dendrobium wassellii
Phaius bernaysii  yellow
In PLANTS  Australian Dendrobiums torreseae, lichenastrum and var prenticei.

Ready to replate.
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum, Phalaenopsis gibbosa, Colax jugosus, Cattleya araguayensis.
Culture    Phaius and replated genera 

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Photos in this issue. Above Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. Below Phaius tankarvilleae.
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New in Flask.

Dendrobium draconis  is a nigrohirsute species from Thailand. The canes are covered with minute black hairs. The flowers are borne in clusters, pure waxy white with pink red in the lip throat. Best grown in a very small pot or basket, the plants should be kept on the dry side in the cooler months in a well ventilated spot with plenty of sunlight.
Dendrobium falconerii is an Indian to Chinese species  with pendulous thin canes. The flowers are very showy, white tipped magenta and a large yellow orange disc on the labellum. best grown on a mount, treefern if available or perhaps on thside of a small basket in a media that will stay damp buy not wet.A decided dry rest in winter is required.
Dendrobium wassellii is a stout terete leafed species from far norh Queensland, Australia. The thick leaves are upright and the flowers spikes are like feathery plumes of  white flowers. The plant tends to creep, so a mount is ideal, or a large shallow tray or basket.
Phaius bernaysii  this is a yellow flowered species with a white labellum. A typical terestrial, it requires a rich sany loam and leafmould mix, lots of water when in active growth and a dry rest in the cooler months. An Australian species almost extinct in its native habitat.

New in Plants.
Dendrobium torreseae. Flowering size plants established on pieces of cork bark, grown in a shady  and well ventilated spot. Frequent watering in the growing season is required and a dry rest in winter. The flowers are produced  at the tiny leaf, pale green. A very minature species, a most unusual Australian plant that will grow into a mat like clump on the mount.
Dendrochilum lichenastrum  Another minature Australian species with tiny tick like green leaves and flowers of yellow and orange.  Grows like Dend torreseae above.
Dendrochilum lichenastrum var prenticei has flowers much the same as lichenastrum, but the leaves are elongated.
Ready to Replate.
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. A large growing species eventually requiring a large pot. Use a typical paph media and warm and sunny growing position. This is a species of the hot wet rainforests of Borneo.Photo above.
Phalaenopsis gibbosa is a minature growing species after the likes of P. lobbii and P. parishii. It appears to do best on a mount, and is reported to be a warm jungle growing species from Vietnam. It is a delicately showy species in flower.
Colax jugosus is an extremely showy species from Brazil with pure white flowers and contrasting chocolate purple marbled petals. It is an intermediate grower that requires a shady position, a well drained pot and a media that will stay damp but not wet. Spaghnam moss is recommended.
Cattleya araguayensis, another Brazilian species, is a very small growing Cattleya that will do well on a piece of treefern or in a small pot or basket. As for all cattlyeyas, good drainage, an open media and lots of light are required.
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Culture.   Phaius and related genera:
  Phaius and related genera such as Spathoglottis, Bletilla, Bletia and Calanthes are basically terrestrial growing plants that inhabit areas of the open forest or rainforest edges where there is a good seasonal rainfall. In many cases, plants will be growing in more bog like conditions, but usually where there is water draining through the soil, leafmould and debris that the plants are growing in, rather than in stagnant ponds.
So understanding the conditions that these plants have come from, the first requirement is a media made up of sandy soil mixed well with leafmould and compost, with the addition of some composted animal manure,
The next requirement is a not too large pot to accomodate the plant plus one or two years growth. Because of the robust nature of these plants, a repot every second year is of benefit. In the case of the deciduous Calanthes, this should be done each year at the start of the growing season in spring.
Pots should be well crocked, with frequent watering in the growing season. Some growers sit the pot in a shallow tray of water, so that moisture is always available at the bottom of the pot, and the roots then grow into the tray as well.
Often, the foliage of these plants is soft, so protection should be provided against wind and excessive sunlight. Sunlight should be sufficient short of leaf burn, as some species will take almost full sunlight.
Phaius tend to require less sunlight than Spathoglottis.
In the cooler months, watering should be reduced, and in the case of the deciduous Calanthes, not applied at all until the spring repot.
These terresrtial species are often rapid growers and will flower quickly when grown from seedlings. Photo Phaius tankarvilleae.
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