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Cattleya jenmanii var coerulea,  Dendrobium tortile giganteum, Grammatophyllum marteae,
Schomburgkia gloriosa,  Schomburgkia heidi,  Dendrobium nindii (tofftii,ionoglossum).
In PLANTS. Dendrobium spectabile photo right, Goodyera hispida, Macodes sanderiana, Macodes lowii, Anoectochilus formosanus.

Ready to replate.
Scuticaria novaesii, Aerangis kotschyana,  Aerangis confusa,  Aerides fieldingii,  Anoectochilus formosanus,  Cattleya schilleriana coerulea,  Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana,  Dendrobium crystallinum.
Culture.  Aerides, the Air Plants.

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Photos in this issue. Above Dendrobium spectabile. Below  Aerides fieldingii
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New in Flask.
Cattleya jenmanii coerulea. A labiate Cattleya species, seed from Venezuela. this is the blue flushed colour form.
Dendrobijm tortile giganteum. The softcane species with waxy pale rose pink, lip cream. Petals twisted, fragrant.
Grammatophyllum marteae. Philippines.Tall spikes of large filled in flowers to 8 cm, rich dark glossy brown. Perhaps a tetraploid form of G elegans.
Schomburgkia gloriosa. Venezuela. Large waxy flowers brown yellow with veins, lip pale rose pink.
Schomburgkia heidi.Venezuela.
Dendrobium nindii (tofftii,ionoglossum). Ceretobe Dendrobe from North Queensland. Large off white flowers with purple horns, lip veined purple.
New in Plants.
Dendrobium spectabile, (photo above) is a spectacular flowering species with curled and twisted flowers. A Latourea that needs to be kept damp but not wet, and lots of sunlight. These are growing well in a mixture of shreded isolite and spaghnam moss.
Goodyera hispida, Macodes sanderiana, Macodes lowii and Anoectochilus formosanus are all growing in small pots in a mixture of perlite ( 4 parts), shredded isolite( one part), fine bark( half part). These jewel orchids will also do well in a coarse sandy gravel with peat moss or leafmould, in about the same ratio. They require heavy shade and shelter from heavy rain. A terrarium is often recommened, and when the plants are not growing, less water should be applied.
Ready to Replate.
Scuticaria novaesii. An erect growing pencil leaf species from Brazil. Usually grown on pieces of soft treefern, they will also grow in a small well drained pot under similar conditions to that for dendrobiums.
Aerangis kotschyana and Aerangis confusa are two African species that are best mounted on a piece of treefern or cork They require excellent air movement and heavy shade.
Aerides fieldingii. See article below.
Anoectochilus formosanus. Jewel orchid.
Cattleya schilleriana coerulea. This is the dark form with the slate blue labellum. It is a slow growing species, best grown in a small pot or basket, or if available, a piece of treefern with extra water.
Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana is a minature Broughtonia like species from Cuba, and requires a small well drained pot or  mount with conditions as for Cattleyas.
Dendrobium crystallinum is a charming softcane species with delicate white flowers tipped pink purple and a large yellow disk on the labellum. It also requires a small welll drained pot, is dormant in winter, and when in active growth lots of water and fertiliser.
 Species highlighted are links to photos.
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Culture.  Aerides, the Air Plants
Aerides, a genus that extends from India thru Asia to the Philippines. Essentially large growing plants of the tropics, where they receive high humidity and rainfall. They use their roots to both nourish and attach themselves to trees , rock faces or just suspend themselves from the branches.
             Thus to grow these plants well, they require something to attach to, warmth, water and humidity when growing.
             Baskets offer a good solution for the usual rampant root systems of these plants. Wire or wood or plastic will do.
             The basket should be large enough to allow for future growth, and be of a managable size.
             The roots of the plants should be wound into the basket, and securely tied to hold the plant firm. Large pieces of treefern, bark, charcoal or even coconut husk can then be used to fill around the roots in the basket.
              This media then supplies some nutrients as it slowly breaks down. In very high rainfall/humidity areas, wooden slat baskets can be sufficient, but extra fertilising would be required.
              Plant roots will eventually engulf the basket and grow down to form long aerial roots, which feed from nutrients from the basket media and fertilising, when watered.
         Once established, fertiliser on a regular basis is beneficial. A piece of hard dry cow manure or pelletised fowl manure sitting on top of the basket may not be aesthetically pleasing, but is certainly effective.
          Roots should be trimmed to keep them off the ground and away from soil borne pathogens, fungus, bacteria etc. Under bench misting sprays in drier areas can help keep humidity up and aerial roots healthy.
          When spraying for fungus, insects etc, attention should be paid to the bushhouse floor and surrounds, so that problems do literally grow from the roots up.
         When planting a basket, quick specimens can be produced by growing 3 or so plants together.
Aerides crispum    Aerides krabiense    Aerides lawrenceae     Aerides falcatumAerides houlettianum    Aerides maculosum
 More photos at
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