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In FLASK.  Photo right Eurychone rothschildiana 
Ready to replate.
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 Photos in this edition. Eurychone rothschildiana. Below Vandopsis lissochiloides.
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New in Flask.
 Aerangis citrata. A Minature Madagascan species, dense spike sparkling white, cream white flowers. Best grown on a piece of treefern or small basket in heavy shade. Intermediate grower that demands good air ventilation..
Catasetum naso. Seed from Venezuela,  Deciduous species, a definite dry rest in winter and a repot for Spring.
Cattleya labiata autumnalis. Huge flowers that sit up and look at you. A typical Cattleya species, good drainage, lots of light and water and fertiliser when in active growth.
Laelia purpurata carnea. Flowers to 15 cm,  pale pink purple, lip pink and veined. Brazilian species, grow as a Cattleya.Well drained media, intermediate to warm growing and maximum sunlight. Link to a L purpurata for culture notes.
Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta. Flowers to 15 cm,  violet purple, lip darker. veined. Brazilian species, grow as a Cattleya.
Oeoniella polystachys. Madagascar. A small growing, fragrant flowered species best grown on a mount with extra water of a small basket.
Neofinetia falcata 'Syoujyou' x Neofinetia falcata 'Toutenkoh' 2 pink clones
Neofinetia falcata 'Toutenkoh' x N. falcata 'Syoujyou'      reverse of above
Neofinetia (('Syutennnou' x 'Syoujyou')' select red ) x pink wild form   2 pink clones
Neofinetia pink wild form x (('Syutennnou' x 'Syoujyou') select red )   reverse of above
     Link to the type form for cultural notes. Notes below from the Japanese grower.
'Toutenkoh' is famous pink form originally collected in Chiba prefecture. This is rare green root tips with pink flower. 'Syoujyou' is one of best pink flower form with dark red root tips. I expect more dark colored flower clone. ' Syutennou' is another famous pink similar to 'Syoujyou' and some of 'Syutennou' x 'Syoujyou' seedling was white flower but I think all seedling from this cross may be pink flower. 'Toutenko' and 'Syoujyou' plants bloom a little earlier than 'Syutennou' x 'Syoujyou' 'selected pink' and pink from wild are a liittle late bloomings. 'Syutennou' is most dark stem .
New in Plants.
Some 5cm pot seedlings.
Cheorostylis cochinchinense is a  Jewel orchid from Vietnam. Velvety green leaves with a lighter mid rib to the leaf.
Seedlings are growing in small pots in a perlite bark media. It appears to grow readily, and requires a sheltered spot and a dry rest in winter.
Dendrobium vandoides, a  warm growing New Guinea  leafy stemmed species with unusual large white flowers. It will grow into a large robust plant.
Dendrobium punamense is another  New Guinea species. A minature Latourea with green and white flowers that requires a small pot with a well drained media that will stay damp but not soggy wet. It should not be allowed to dry out excessively.
Phalaenopsis tetraspis alba (P.speciosa) Andaman Isles  Elegant waxy white flowers, odd purple blotch. It is a small grower, likes a well drained basket/pot, heavy shade and good ventilation.
Ready to Replate.
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum x Lowii ( Paph Julius). White, striped red Paph rothschild crossed into the wide petal Paph lowii, broader purple petals. A multiflowered spike with up to 6 or more flowers.
Bletia florida. Terrestrial. A rich leafmould and soil media in a well drained pot. The plants like plenty of sunlight and in warmer climes can be used in the garden. It is deciduous in cooler climate winters and will require a dry rest.
Eurychone rothschildiana. Photo at top. Minature Phalaenopsis like plant, white spurred fls. Lip large trumpet like, green and brown. A rare African angraecoid species, best grown on a slab in good shade and requires excellent ventilation.
Laelia tenebrosa nigrescens. The Brazilian species, this is a somewhat darker chocolate form with a deep rich purple veined labellum.
Phalaenopsis formosana. The round, well shaped pure white base of many of the modern  Phalaenopsis. Flowers heavy textured with overlapped sepals and petals.
Renanthera monochica. A showy yellow spotted red flowered species from the Philippines. A small growing species, use a basket or well drained pot with plenty of sunlight.
 Species highlighted are links to photos.
More photos at
Culture.  Two Giants.
 Vandopsis lissochiloides ( syn Batemani) are large growing plants from the wet tropics of the Philippines and Moluccas, where they are usually lithophytic. Flower spikes can reach several feet in height and tend to flower progressively, with large showy, very heavy textured flowers.
Robust growers, they require a large pot or basket with an open well drained media, maximum sunlight and lots of water when growing.
Grammatophyllum wallisii. Basically plants of the wet rainforests, these species grow high in the trees, in hollows or forks where leafmould can accumulate. They have a strong robust root system that produces aerial roots to form a saucer like mass under the plant.
        This acts as a leafmould and debris collector, thus providing a source of nourishment to the plant.
            When the plants are in active growth, maximum water and fertiliser is required. After the new bulbs have matured, a little less water is required, until the appearance of the new growths.
          Grammatophyllums speciosum, papuanum and wallisii could be considered variable forms of the one species. These are large growing plants that produce canes up to 6 feet or more long, ( in the wild, even larger), the old canes yellow and almost pendulous.
         The plants require a large container or basket, will grow in almost full sun, and produce a huge flower spike with very large flowers.
 All three will grow and reach flowering size in a 12 inch diameter container, and tend to start flowering when canes get about 4 feet high. They will grow under garden trees or in the fork of a tree provided extra growing media is placed at the roots until the root saucer forms.
All these giants will grow in the garden in the warmer climes, require a little shade in the heat of the day and will grow into quite spectacular specimens.
 More photos at
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