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A.  What's New in flask.

Cymbidiella pardalina (rhodochila).A good germination of the red and green species from Madagascar
  Dendrochilum glumaceum giganteum. A small quantity of a selfing of a much larger form has germinated. This is a delightful species with a 2 ranked raceme of white flowers with a delicate perfume.
  Dendrobium convolutum, A startling species, green with a vivid rich violet purple to chocolate purple labellum. New Guinea.
 MACODES SANDERIANA The real species, seed from plants collected in New Guinea and held at a Botanical Gardens. We believe this is the only material available anywhere in the world. Flask material is being propagated invitro now.
 Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana . The orchid Fidel  Castro does not want you to have,  protocorm material from US from a grower with contacts.
 Phalaenopsis violacea alba x alba. Such a good grower, we can only get 4 plants in the flask. A sib cross "Bowringiana" Silver Medal alba x  violacea alba
 Cattleya deckerii alba x self   rarely seen, we are hopefull of a percentage of whites.
 Doritis pulcherima alba x alba   a sib cross of two sparkling crystalline whites Grow into a clump for multiple spikes and pure crystaline white flowers.
 Cattleya luteola Brazil. Clear buttercup yellow, with the purple deep in the lip throat.

B. What's ready to replate NOW.

Neofinetia falcata "Amami island Giant". A large growing form from a more tropical part of Japan. Pure white, long spur, exquisite perfume.
 Neofinetia falcata "Kihou-Yellow Treasure" x self. A prized form  in Japan. This selfing of the yellow form adds another colour form to the small growing showy and fragrant species.
Zygosepalum labiosum ( Menadenium labiosum) and Zygopetalum maxillare, two small growing species that creep over the spaghnam moss in a small basket for best results. Both with large showy flowers, the labiousum with pale tan sepals and petals and a large white lip striped red, the maxillare with greenyellow sepals and petals blotched chocolate, the lip vidid rich violet blue, and both fragrant.

C. What's new in Plants.

Goodyera hispida, an exquisite Jewel with clear green leaves veined silver.These have done so well that we have them ready in a 3 plant clump in 80mm basket pot in spaghnam.
      Paphiopedilum roebellinii. Sib cross of two long twisted petal selected clones. Robust C size seedlings , still in 50mm pot, ready for 75 mm pots. Remember, keep the slippers in as  small a pot as possible. Quote the News Letter for a price of Aust$14.50 per seedling.
Coelogynes pandurata and Coelogyne miniata. These are now well grown large plants, see the Plant list for details. Pandurata is a huge green flower with black markings, while C. miniata is a small clambering plant on cork with delicate pale yellow with dark brown veined fringed lip.

D.  Web page.

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E. Goodyera hispida.
GOODYERA,  a  genus of about 25 species found on all continents except Africa. Most of the species are somewhat insignificant  green leafed, ground dwelling or lithophytic plants, with a rhizome that creeps over the leafmould and forest floor litter.
             Generally classed as Jewel Orchids, several species are known for their varigated or veined foliage, and are prized by those collectors who specialise in Jewel Orchids.
             Goodyera hispida is such a species, prized for its very beautiful foliage of emerald green, slightly flushed pink, with prominent silver veins and reticulation. The flowers are tiny, green, tipped white. Each leaf grows to 7 cm long, by 2.5 cm wide, with a resulting rosette of about 15 cm, and in a clump, presents a most attractive plant.
             As these plants are creepers, their rhizome should never be buried in the potting mix, but placed so that it sits on top. A suitable mix to grow them in must be well drained, but  holding enough moisture so that the roots do not dry out. Several mixs could be used, from a coarse sandy gravel with leafmould or fine bark, to shredded spaghnam moss mixed with shredded isolite, polystyrene foam, the latter to keep the spaghnam moss a little more open.
The beautiful silver veining on the green background indicates a dweller of the the very shady forest or jungle. It takes advantage of a niche, a darker place, where  normal sunloving plants leave room for others. So a shady place in the bushhouse is needed, in with Phalaenopsis and mottled leaf Paphiopedilums, out of reach of slugs and snails, where it is cool and damp.
            Goodyera hispida extends from India to Malaya, and seems to be tolerant of our tropical climate when grown in a shady position in a well drained media that keeps the roots damp, but not wet. A lovely species, a well grown plant would be  a Jewel in any orchid growers crown.

F. Humour.

Jury foreman, "We find the defendant not guilty due to insanity"
            Judge, "What, all 12 of you?"
News Flash. A light aircraft has crashed in a cemetry in Texas. So far, rescue workers have recovered 350 bodies. The pilot and passeneger escaped injury and are assisting in the search.

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