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Culture.   Some North Queensland  orchids.

IMPORTANT  NOTE  for USA  importers. Phytos & Permits at; Did You Know

In FLASK.    Paphiopedilum lowii x rothschildianum, Paphiopedilum roebellinii x Paph lowii 

In PLANTS.   Angraecum scottianum, Encyclia BelizenseVar Belizense.
Ready to replate.    Eulophia species Ceylon, Dendrobium canaliculatum, Catasetum vinaceum, Catasetum luridum.
Culture.     Some North Queensland  orchids.
Did you know?  Permits USA.
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Photos in this issueDendrobium teretifolium above, SkyRail, rainforest canopy and Patricia.

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New in Flask.
Paphiopedilum lowii x rothschildianum and Paph roebellinii x Paph lowii.
As a propagator of species orchids, we seldom hybridise, but the primary hybrids are so easy to grow that the combinations of the above species appeal as showy good growing large flowered plants.
Best grown in a pot in a rich media that will stay damp but not wet, there are as many paph medias as there are Paph growers. These primaries will also grow in a warmer climate, with extra sunlight, and can be grown with Dendrobiums etc., as does the parents including Paphiopedilum lowii.
New in Plants.
 Angraecum scottianum. A charming minature grower with terete leaves, the plants become pendulous. The flowers are quite large, typically pure white with a long spur, and always fragrant at night. An intermediate grower, they do best on a mount, and a few seed raised near flowering size plants have been established  on pieces of cork. A little extra shade and very good ventilation is essential.
Encyclia BelizenseVar Belizense. A pseudobulbous species from the former Honduras, now known as Belize.
This species grows well in a small pot or basket in an open well drained media, with plenty of light and air movement. A drier rest during winter is needed, and when in active growth, lots of water and fertiliser. An intermediate grower, near flowerig size plants are growing in small basket pots.
Ready to Replate.
Dendrobium canaliculatum.This species is a native of the coastal North Queensland tropics, and requires a warm spot with lots of sunlight and a dry rest during the cooler months. It is best grown on a mount, and excellent results have been shown with the plant mounted on a vertical terracotta saucer. Maximum sunlight and ventilation are required
Flowers white, tipped yellow and purple, enmass.
Catasetum vinaceum and Catasetum luridum, Brazilian species, are typical  Catasetums that go dormant in winter.
This genera is adaptable to glasshouse culture, even in cold climates, because in the warm growing season, lots of water, sunlight  and fertiliser will benefit the newly repotted plant. A rich media that will stay damp and a well drained pot or basket is used each spring to repot the dormant bulbs.
In winter, the dormant bulbs can be stored dry out of the glass house, and repotted in spring when the new lead appears.
Catasetum vinaceum is a red wine coloured species, and C luridum in yellow green with redbrown, purple in the lip.
species in flower.
Eulophia species Ceylon is an unidentified terrestrial. The flowers are quite showy, and the plants grow readily in a terrestrial media as long as the definite dry rest in winter is observed.
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Culture.  Some North Queensland Orchid Species
    North Queensland is rich in native orchids, in climates that range from wet tropics to cool mountain tops and dry scrubs in  rain shadows.
       One of the common species that can be seen in large roadside trees in the wet tropics is Dendrobium teretifiolium. It has a large geographical distribution and hence a large variation with several varietal forms.
    The photograph is of a huge speciment growing in a large fig tree next to the Cairns Library. A robust grower, smaller plants in the  orchid house do best on a slab of treefern if available, or some similar mount that can be hung for the pendulous plant. Quite adaptable to different growing conditions, the species will tolerate cool to tropical conditions, sunlight as for  other Dendrobiums and lots of water when in active growth. The cooler months tend to be drier, so the plant should be treated the same way.
      Dendrobium canaliculatum is another common lowland tropical species. It is found all along the coast  growing in teatrees, usually in the poor soil flats that often are inundated with water during the wet season. The wet, sunny flats are also host to many terrestrials such as Habenaria, Nervilia, Pachystoma and Calochilus. ( See Sunday Creek )
      A minature species that is found all over North Queensland is the minature  Dendrobium lichenastrum. This grows almost mat like in some places, on large rock faces, and on the topbranches  of the large trees. It grows extremely well on treefern slab if available, or on pieces of cork bark or any similar mount. A well ventilated spot with good sunlight, a drier rest in winter, and the plant will cover its mount to form a specimen.
      Its variety ( Dendrobium lichenastrum var Prenticei )   is found at the higher elevations of the Tablelands, and grows much like the  smaller version.
      Another species of the higher elevations is Dendrobium adae. This is a thin caned species  that grows well in a small pot or on a slab of treefern. A more intermediate climate suits this species, with lots of sunlight.
      In the drier areas, somewhat above the coastal flat, grows one of the fragrant pencil orchids, Dendrobium mortii. This is usually epiphytic in larger trees along the scrubby banks of small creeks. Again, a mount is required for the pendulous plant, a sunny spot and a definite dry winter is needed. It will thrive in a warm to intermediate climate and is one of the few species that flowers here during the cooler months.
Photographed is Patricia Walters, in the SkyRail gondola over the Barron River, North Queensland, with the rain forest canopy below. The SkyRail runs from Cairns to Kuranda, over the top of the rainforest canopy, with 3 stops within the rainforest.
Species highlighted are links to more details.
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Did you know ?
IMPORTANT  NOTE  for USA  importers.
USDA has, from January 2002, begun to enforce the requirement for a Phytosanitary Certificate for all plant and plant material imports. This is not a new regulation, but the implementation of a rule that has previously not been enforced.
ALL FLASKS  imported into USA will now require a Phytosanitary Certificate.
Burleigh Park does provide this Phytosanitary Certificate at cost.
Flasks are still  CITES  exempt.
 Click here    for the full details previously published.
Phytosanitary Certificate requirements for all countries.
We are preparing a data base for the import requirements for Phytosanitary Certificates for as many countries as possible.
If you have permits or other information, please contact us so that we can include as many countries as possible. A snailmail photo copy would be ideal.
The data base will list the various requirements to import flasks and orchid plants into each country and any special requirements pertaining to Phytosanitary Certificates.
We all dislike red tape, but the Certificates and Permits  mean disease and pest free imports and quicker delivery to you.
Do you set seed pods on your treasured species orchids? The best conservation, sow seed.
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A special note on flasking orchids.
Due to the need for a filtered air vent on flasks to allow exchange of gasses, a reliable air filter medium is needed.
Non absorbant cotton wool allows gas exchange but does not absorb moisture. Thus the air filter will stay dry and prevent the growth of fungus thru the filter, a common problem with ordinary cotton wool which gets wet, goes mouldy and allows the mould to grow thru the filter to contaminate the flask.
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