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  In FLASK.   Dendrobium sulphurea 

Cattleya bowringiana Caerulea "Blue Angel HCC AOS x self  

Phalaenopsis pallens 
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Bargain Buys   Some flowering size species  are listed.

Current list of Size C (80mm pot/basketpot) seedlings.ready for next size pot.


 Ready to replate. 

Spathoglottis plicata "bulbosa magenta" x Spath affinis 4N.  

Dendrobium bigibbum superbum alba x alba
Catasetum macrocarpum

Catasetum thyalaciochilum

Catasetum laminatum x pileatum Red


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  Culture.    In the Orchid House today.



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New in Flask


Recent germinations. 

Dendrobium sulphurea. NorthernAustralia. A yellow flowered dend teretifolium

Cattleya bowringiana Caerulea "Blue Angel HCC AOS x self    Pale blue crystalline flowers

Phalaenopsis pallens . Borneo Pale green yellow lightly marked pale brown



.    .Top  Plants

 Click on  Bargain Buys for current list of 80mm pot/basket pot seedlings. PLUS

Brassia caudata  NFS

Catasetum integerinum Fl/size

Catasetum macrocarpum Fl/size 
Dendrobium parishii   Fl/size

Dendrobium teretifolium  C seedling

Diplocaulobium kirschianum Fl/size




Top Ready to Replate. 


Spathoglottis plicata "bulbosa magenta" x Spath affinis 4N.  A large well shaped  dark magenta  X into a tetraploid bright yellow, red stripes on lateral sepals. Sunset colours with possible striping. Strong fast grower.
Dendrobium bigibbum superbum alba x alba  Round, pure white Phalananthe fls, green lip disc. Sib cross for true alba
Catasetum macrocarpum  large fls, yellow marked and blotched red purple.

Catasetum thyalaciochilum  Green, green veins, brown in the lip. Clowesia like russellianum

Catasetum integerrinum Large green fleshy fls, helmet type. 
Catasetum laminatum x pileatum Red  Large ivory/red mared x cream spotted red.  x USA
Vandopsis longicaule Large plant.Fls to 6cm, yellow blotched brown.Similar to lissochiloides
Vandopsis lissochiloides Large plant.Fls to 6cm, yellow blotched purple, purple outside.


Photos at  


What orchid is that?.

Dendrobium ?calcarata section

         Encyclia ?


Top Culture.   


In the orchid house today.

      One of the plants that seemed to survive the hazards of my orchid culture is a species used the origins of the modern hybrid Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums.  

       Dendrobium phalaenopsis var schroederianum. Photo right. A robust grower, which tolerates a variety of medias provided a small pot is used. It hales from Indonesia, is seasonal in growth and requires maximum sunlight. A definite dry rest in winter is essential. In the Nursery it grows both  in treefern and  a bark/ treefern mix. There are  pure white alba and purple and white bicolor forms

   Dendrobium bigibbum var phalaenopsis forma superbum  ( Cooktown Orchid) the north Australian relative, requires the same culture. The alba form ( photo left) is very amenable to orchid house culture if provided  with the small pot and definite dry rest as above. The normal form is purple.

     Catasetum pileatum; A spectacular South American species that is dormant in winter and can be removed from the orchid house. With the start of new growth, lots of fertiliser and water will produce large robust bulbs and flower spikes. They are heavy feeders and maximum sunlight short of leaf burn will promote flowering. They produce male and female flower. Photo left

      In the Nursery, Catasetum are grown in treefern or a bark/treefern mix, with lots of blood and bone and water when in active growth.After flowering and when leaves start to fall, the plants are allowed to dry out and rest. Apply  sufficient water to prevent bulbs shrivelling too hard. The species is extremely variable and siblings can produce flowers of different colours. Note the trigger in the centre of the flower, a pollinating mechanism that once touched, ejects the pollen with enough force to stick it to the back of a large bee, to be carried on to the next flower.Photo right C pileatum .

     A close relative is Catasetum expansum, grown  the same way, which is also highly variable in colour, with siblings ranging from clear green yellow to yellow with red flushed labellums. Photo left Flowers shown are all male, the female flowers being small, green and hood like.

              Another deciduous  orchid is my beloved hybrid Spathoglottis Harlequin, an unregistered cross between Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N and a plant grown in the Townsville region for many years as  Spath Java Beauty. As the parentage of  Java Beauty is not known, the cross is unregistered. It has been unofficially named  by Ted Green.

   Its a hybrid, I know, but I cannot kill it and the flowers on a metre high spike are spectacular. It grows in a terrestrial media, with some recycled crushed treefern, in maximum sunlight, with blood and bone and a dry rest in winter.Photo right. 

   A similar plant is Spathoglottis Sunshine x Kimballiana 4N, Photo left. With a dry rest in winter, the summer brings forth these charming flowers on tall spikes, in just a 4 or 5 inch pot. A smaller pot tends to produce  more flowers and less foliage.

     All the above plants grow well if the basic requirements are met. A good well drained media, sufficient sunlight, water and fertiliser, and a rest when not in active growth. Perhaps the recipe for most orchids?.  For more detailed articles on Catasetum and Spathoglottis

Text & photo Ian Walters. May be reproduced provided source acknowledged. 

More photos at  


  Top Seed.  of SPECIES orchids.

 Email to ianbpon(at) (Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam) for the latest

 list of seed available in packets enough to prepare 3 to 4 flasks. Cattleya, Dendrobium,  Oncidium, Laelia, Aerides with more added as harvested. All seed dated at collection, airmail post world wide and there is no restriction on orchid seed. Sowing Orchid Seed 



  Conservation of cloud forest flora and fauna.   

Join Cloud Forest Institute THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT INITIATIVE PLEASE SEE "" FOR MORE INFORMATION Join Cloud Forest Institute, a federally recognized 501(c)3 to fund a wildlife corridor in the Ecuadorian Tropical Andes and protect it - forever! The two parcels comprising of 840-acres of Cloud Forest in the Ecuadorian Paso Alto Range of the Andes in the Cambugan Watershed is home to jaguars, spectacled bears, over 300 species of ORCHIDS, and the highest number of endemic amphibian and  bird species in the WORLD. Concerned people are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations and create honorary groves in their name.  



Flasks are EXEMPT under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Title 50, Part 23, Subpart C, Appendix II. S 23.23 (d) (6) Specifically exempted: For orchidacea species: (i) in Appendix I, seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers.  

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   Top     Humour.   



        A certain little girl, when asked her name, would reply, I'm Mr.
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Her mother told her this was wrong, she must say, 'I'm Jane
The Vicar spoke to her in Sunday School, and said, 'Aren't you Mr.
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The little girl thought about it for a few moments and asked,
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One of the questions from the career placement test given to applicants for an RAAF commission is: "Rearrange the letters: P, N, E, S, I, to spell out an important part of  the human body that is more useful when erect"

Those who spell spine become technicians...the rest become pilots...



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