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Rodriguezia secunda. Oncidium panamense. Renanthera matutina. Dend discolor "giant". Bletia florida (Photo left). Bulbophyllum dearei.
  In PLANTS  Australian Dendrobiums torreseae, lichenastrum and var prenticei.

Ready to replate.
Cycnoches ventricosum. Dendrobium sanderae surigaenens ( Photo right). Menadenium labiosum. Dendrobium gracilicaule.
Culture    Philippine Dendrobiums; Dearei to Schutzei.

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Photos in this issue. Above Dendrobium sanderae var surigaenense, Below Bletia florida.
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New in Flask.
Rodriguezia secunda . An Oncidium type plant best grown on a slab or in a small basket. Typical Oncid conditions.
Oncidium panamense  A larege growing species with long branched spikes of yellow and chestnut flowers in profusion. Best grown in a large basket in a welldrained media.
Renanthera matutina  A Philippinos species with a branched spike of red, orange red flowers best grown in a small basket in a coarse open media.
Dend discolor "giant" A large growing ceretobium species from Australia with curly crisped margined flowers of dark to old gold brown.. Us a pot or basket, lots of sunlight and in the warmer climates, a good garden subject for trees.
Bletia florida  Vivid magenta coloured flowers of this terrestrial are very showy. A rich soil media in a large pot or even in the ground, will produce flower spike to 3 or 4 feet high with large brightly coloured flowers. In winter, a dry rest is essential as the half buried bulbs go dormant.  Photo above left.
Bulbophyllum dearei  A large flowered bulbophyllum from the Philippines. A basket or large shallow tray with a media that will stay damp but not wet is recommended. A warm grower, it needs similar conditions to that of Dendrobiums and the like. With extra water, a slab of treefern is also successful.
New in Plants Top.
Dendrobium torreseae. Flowering size plants established on pieces of cork bark, grown in a shady  and well ventilated spot. Frequent watering in the growing season is required and a dry rest in winter. The flowers are produced  at the tiny leaf, pale green. A very minature species, a most unusual Australian plant that will grow into a mat like clump on the mount.
Dendrochilum lichenastrum  Another minature Australian species with tiny tick like green leaves and flowers of yellow and orange.  Grows like Dend torreseae above.
Dendrochilum lichenastrum var prenticei has flowers much the same as lichenastrum, but the leaves are elongated.
Ready to Replate. Top
Cycnoches ventricosum. The green and yellow swan orchid. A deciduous species that can be dried out in winter and repotted in the spring. A small pot with a rich media that will stay damp but not soggy and lots of fertiliser and water with the new growth will produce large pseudobulbs.
Dendrobium sanderae surigaenense. See article below, photo above.
Menadenium labiosum. (Zygosepalum ) A small somewhat creeping Brazilian species with large showy flowers. A small basket or shallow pot large enough  to allow for some forward growth and a media that wil saty damp but not wet is needed. A shady sheltered position will protect the foliage as it is an intermediate to warm grower.
Dendrobium gracilicaule. An endemic australian species with pale yellow flowers spotted on the outside with brownpurple. A small well drained pot or a slab of treefern with extra water is usually used.
Aerides fieldingii.  A showy foxtail flowered species from India. Best grown in a small basket in a coarse open media under conditions similar to Dendrobiums etc. The flowers are crystalline, fragrant and a well grown plant will produce multiple spikes. This species grows easily in the orchid house.
  Species highlighted are links to photos.
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Culture.   Philippine Dendrobiums, Dearei to Schutzei. Top
A section of Dendrobium related to the nigrohirsute species from India and Thailand grows in the Philippines. These include Dendrobium sanderae, Dendrobium schutzei and Dendrobium Dearei.
There are several varieties of Dendrobium sanderae, ranging form the 2 inch pure white, lip veined purple, flowers of the type form to the large flamboyant flowers of the variety majus and  var surigaenense.
A natural hybrid  between Dend sanderae majus and Dend dearei has been observed.
These species are somewhat seasonal in growth and flower and are best grown in a well drained media in a small pot or basket. When in active growth, fertiliser and extra water is of benefit, and when the new growths have matured, a short drier rest will promote flowering.
A bright sunny position is needed, and the species tend towards being more intermediate growing, so shelter from the hot summer sun in the tropics is recommended. In colder climates, care should be taken in winter to keep the plants somewhat drier.
The flowers of this section are  all showy, long lived and put up a fine display when established into large plants.
 More photos at
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Humour. Top

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For sale: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale.
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I have not been carrying on with Mrs. Kelly. Until yesterday she was my housekeeper but she quit!

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