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Orchid seed sowing and tissue culture.
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Anoectochilus formosanus
Anoectochilus formosanus varigata
Bulbophyllum fletcherianum
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii)  Photo right
Oncidium flexuosum
Oncidium gardnerii
Oncidium eurycline
Oncidium ottonis
In PLANTS.  Dossinia marmorata vay Dayii, Cheirostylis cochinchinense. Paphiopedilum lowii "Sumatra"

Ready to replate.
Angraecum magdalenae var latilabellum
Paph lowii x rothschildianum.  Paph Julius.
Oncidium incurvum
Trichoglottis ionosma
Laelia harpophylla aurea x self
Catasetum pileatum white  x red

Culture.  An Orchid Giant.

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 Photos in this edition. Dendrobium amabile  above. Below Bulbophyllum fletcherianum.
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New in Flask.
Anoectochilus formosanus. Jewel orchid. Heavy shade grower in a shallow tray or pot using coarse gravel and leafmould or perlite plus fine bark. Dont allow to dry out and in winter keep just damp, not wet.
Anoectochilus formosanus varigata. This is also green with silver veins, but the edges of the leaves are yellow.
Bulbophyllum fletcherianum. A robust grower, requires a good sized container, pot or basket. with a rich media that should also drain well. It needs to be kept damp but not soggy wet. New Guinea
Dendrobium amabile (Bronckartii).  Previously known as Dend bronckartii, and one of the parents of Dend mousmee. Also known as Dend furcatum.
Oncidium flexuosum. A Brazilian species that likes a totem pole or similar to clamber up. Large panicles of many bright yellow flowers much like a smaller Oncidium varicosum. Grow warm to intermediate  with lots of sunlight and water and fertiliser when in new growth.
Oncidium gardnerii. A cooler Brazilian grower with large gold and rich brown flowers. A small slab or small well drained pot is required.
Oncidium eurycline. A seldom seen Brazilian species with yellow flowers and tan brown sepals and petals. Intermediate grower, small pot or a slab with extra water.
Oncidium ottonis. A select variety of Oncidium concolor, which produces spikes of large showy all yellow flowers enmass.Typical Oncid requirements, an intermediate grower from Brazil.
New in Plants.
Dossinia marmorata var Dayii, a beautiful jewel orchid. This seems to grow better with 3 plants together in a small pot using a mix of perlite and fine bark.
Cheirostylis cochinchinense. Another velvet leafed jewel orchid also in perlite. The leaves are a velvety green with just a touch of lighter feathering along  the midrib.
Paphiopedilum lowii "Sumatra" a handsome slipper orchid with large showy flowers. A few flowering size plants are growing well in both spaghnam, isolite mix and bark, isolite mix.
Ready to Replate.
Angraecum magdalenae var latilabellum. A Madagascan species, dwarf compact plant with large waxy white flowers, very fragrant. Best grown in a small pot or basket, an intermediate grower in moderate shade with good air movement.
Paphiopedilum lowii x rothschildianum.  Paph Julius.White, striped purple, broader purple petals. Paph Julius
Oncidium incurvum. A cool to intermediate grower from Ecuador. The flowers are in short many flowered racemes and are pink. A small pot with a well drained media and a fairly shady spot is required.
Trichoglottis ionosma. A species from Taiwan, Formosa. This is a charming easy to grow species, under warm to intermediate conditions. A well drained pot or basket is required as this species does not climb. and lots of sunlight.
Laelia harpophylla aurea x self. A Brazilian species, this is a selfing of a more yellow coloured form.
Catasetum pileatum white  x red. Two colour forms, so expect ivory with redpurple spots or blotches.
 Species highlighted are links to photos.
More photos at
Culture.  An Orchid Giant
I was a wide eyed youth when I first visited Chas. He was an avid collector, worked in the railways and knew the local North Queensland native orchids and their habitats. Collected Rosenstromies from the Spec, a quid each, and bought species from Indonesia and New Guinea, where he had spent time in the 30's.
   One of his cherished plants was an astounding plant to inexperienced eyes, huge leaves to a metre ( three feet plus then) long, huge round bulbs and a story to go with it.
The species grows in the ravines of New Guinea, on the rock faces, in the mud and mulch of crevices where water almost continually seeped or ran, depending on the almost nightly rainfall.
Chas was a little vague on how he got them, before the War, but had cherished it for years and ended up with 2 or 3 plants.
More years ago than I like to remember, Chas retired to southern Queensland and decided to leave the tropical orchids behind. His phone call and offer of the huge plants promptly transfered them to my orchid house, and an impatient wait to see them flower.
Bulbophyllum fletcherianum eventually flowered. It is a robust grower, requires a good sized container, pot or basket. with a rich media that should also drain well. It needs to be kept damp but not soggy wet.
The flowers are individually about 10 to 12 cms long ( 4 to 5 inch), and are borne in a short many flowered cluster. The flowers are highly scented, somewhat unpleasently so, and it is common to find flies visiting.
It seems to flower every couple of years, not annually, and is slow growing.
It is a plant of the wet tropics, where warmth, moisture and sunlight combine to produces these giants of the orchid world.
 Rosenstromies; Phalaenopsis rosenstromii
the Spec; Mt Spec, Seaview Range, North Queensland habitat of Phal rosenstromii.
Quid; pre decimal Australian pound currency note.
 More photos at
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