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  In FLASK.   Dendrobium farmerii albiflorum  Photo right 

 Cattleya bicolor Select   Cattleya dolosa   Colax virides   Laelia purpurata Mandayana    Leptotes unicolor   Stanhopea nigripes    


In PLANTS.   Due to continuing potting and repotting, we suggest that you send your want list by email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com    Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam. A reply by email will advise current stocks of plants of interest.  Updated Plant List October12

Some species are listed below.

Ready to replate.  

Ansellia  africana Black            Barkeria skinnerii 

Cattleya labiata  alba "Angerer" x var suave "Iwashita"    Cattleya gaskelliana  

Cattleya  Rex         Coryanthes picturata Concolor 

Coryanthes speciosa Cinnabar            Leptotes uniflora 

Phalaenopsis violacea Borneo ( bellina)      Stanhopea shuttleworthii

  Culture.  TREEFERN; Whats  missing ???


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New in Flask


Recent germinations. 

Dendrobium farmerii albiflorum  Thailand Clusters of sparkling white fls, lip bright yellow. Fragrant.

Cattleya bicolor Select Brazil Private collection, green, brilliant bright magenta purple lip

Cattlaya dolosa Brazil considered distinct species.Flat pale pink,rose pink to13cm much like walkeriana

Colax virides Brazil Small growing, fls to 7.5cm, green.

Laelia purpurata Mandayana  Brazil Seed from private Brazil collection.White, lip all pink.

Leptotes unicolor Brazil Minature, terete leaf, fls 2.5cm waxy pink purple.

Stanhopea nigripes    Peru. Cream flushed pink, spotted. Lip yellow & black. Rare



    .Top New in Plants

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Aeranthes grandiflora  flowering size

Cymbidium bicolor   large flowering size

Aerides quinquevulnerum  var purpureum   flowering size in spike


Seedlings;  advanced 3" 80mm pot size

               Ascocentrum curvifolium  

               Cattleya Jenmannii "Clmio x Mosca"

               Cymbidium bicolor
               Encyclia hanburyi

               Phalaenopsis amabilis grandiflora

               Phalaenopsis mannii

               Phalaenopsis stuartiana 

               Schomburgkia tibicinis



Top Ready to Replate. 



Ansellia  africana Black Africa Victoria Falls .Fls block red brown, minimal yellow .
Photo right.Yellow form Ansellia aricana

Barkeria skinnerii Mexico Dwarf, showy magenta fls to 2.5 cm, tall many flowered spike.
Cattleya labiata  alba "Angerer" x var suave "Iwashita" Brazil Fls to 17cm
Cattleya gaskelliana  Venezuela Fls to 15cm, pale amethyst flushed white.Lip orange/yellow disk.
Cattleya  Rex Peru Fls to 18cm, cream yellow.Lip rich bright yellow marked magenta.
Cattleya blossfeldziana  Peru originally described as a natural cross  Rex  X  luteola. Yellow flowers.

Coryanthes picturata Concolor Mexico All orange fls to 10cm.Bucket orchid, this species from  a plant collected in Mexico.
Coryanthes speciosa Cinnabar   Brazil Cinnabar orange/red,  Bucket orchid
Phalaenopsis violacea Borneo ( bellina)  Photo left
Stanhopea shuttleworthii Central America. Huge flowers, yellow with large orange stripes, blotches. Multiflowered.

 Several other Stanhopeas are now being reflasked.Enquire.

photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html  



Top Culture.   


TREEFERN; Whats  missing ???

           A material that has been used extensively in the past has proven its worth with many species orchid plants. The treefern trunk consists of a centre hard core with the actual roots of the fern growing down the core trunk to form a thick mass of dense fibrous material around the core. 

A method for mounts, slabs. When cut lengthwise, the fibrous material can be cut into convenient size pieces for mounts. A trick to using it this way is to make the wire hanger act as a staple, so it supports the soft slab. 

  Make a J shape from a piece of galv/stainless steel wire, push the 2 prongs thru the slab from the front, the long end gets bent up and the short end across  to form a staple. This material needs only to be about 19 mm thick or less if a backing support is used.

  Thickness, length and width can be varied to suit the  orchid plant being mounted. Large Bulbophyllums appreciate  extra thickness and thus extra available moisture. Because the grain ( the fibres) is vertical, it drains well but retains moisture.

    In the Nursery, slabs are held on A frame  racks, so that overhead sprinklers can water the slabs. This works fine for species that will creep up the slab, but erect growing species like Trichoglottis, Renanthera, Vandas will only grow up a vertically hung slab. Otherwise the plant grows vertically away from the inclined slab. 

      A different method for POTS.  Soft treefern can be used very effectively as a potting media if processed in the following way.  The treefern is cut into a short length block. Using a Band Saw makes this very easy, as the block is then cut across the grain to produce slices  about 20 mm thick, thus producing a material with the fibres vertical and the mass just 20 mm thick. 

   Break the slices into pieces about half to one third the size of the pot being used. The pot is crocked to within 20 mm of the top ( broken pieces of cheap free polystyrene foam, coolite, the material used to pack electronic goods is ideal).  Using a piece of treefern, half the pot is filled, the plant is then placed against the treefern and packed in with another piece or two of treefern, keeping the fibres vertical.   

         By keeping the fibres vertical, water collection and drainage is very efficient, a basic requirement for all orchids, good drainage. The thickness ( 20 mm) can be varied to suit the plants and genera being potted. 

   Larger plants may require a thicker medium and the media can be domed in the pot with extra fibre for species such as Stanhopeas. Currently, the media for the terrestrial orchids consists of a typical terrestrail media plus recycled crushed treefern, creating a more fibrous media.

      Paphiopedilums are also grown in a mix of composted bark and 25% crushed treefern.

 And what is missing ???  Liberal addition of blood and bone to the pot provides the nutrients missing from the treefern fibre. Water well and as the fertiliser is flushed through, another application of blood and bone will produce amazing growth results.         Note the small previous bulb at the bottom of the massive new Catasetum bulb, in a 10cm pot. All species in the Nursery are responding like this.

  Text & photo Ian Walters. May be reproduced provided source acknowledged.

More photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html  


  Top Seed.  of SPECIES orchids.


  Email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com (Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam) for the latest

 list of seed available in packets enough to prepare 3 to 4 flasks. Cattleya, Dendrobium,  Oncidium, Laelia, Aerides with more added as harvested. All seed dated at collection, airmail post world wide and there is no restriction on orchid seed. 



  Conservation of cloud forest flora and fauna.   

Join Cloud Forest Institute THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT INITIATIVE PLEASE SEE "http://www.cloudforest.org" FOR MORE INFORMATION Join Cloud Forest Institute, a federally recognized 501(c)3 to fund a wildlife corridor in the Ecuadorian Tropical Andes and protect it - forever! The two parcels comprising of 840-acres of Cloud Forest in the Ecuadorian Paso Alto Range of the Andes in the Cambugan Watershed is home to jaguars, spectacled bears, over 300 species of ORCHIDS, and the highest number of endemic amphibian and  bird species in the WORLD. Concerned people are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations and create honorary groves in their name.  



Flasks are EXEMPT under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Title 50, Part 23, Subpart C, Appendix II. S 23.23 (d) (6) Specifically exempted: For orchidacea species: (i) in Appendix I, seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers.  

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