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  In FLASK.   

Huntleya meleagris  Pescatoria lehmanii   Photo right

Spathoglottis kimballiana sib cross (#1 x #BP)

Spath affinis 4N x S.plicata "bulbosa magenta" 
Spath plicata "redmagenta" x S.affinis 4N 
Spath plicata
"red magenta" x S. Kimballiana 4N

Spathoglottis plicata bulbosa x self

Trichoglottis loheriana  

In PLANTS.   Due to continuing potting and repotting, we suggest that you send your want list by email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com    Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam. A reply by email will advise current stocks of plants of interest.  Bargain Buys 

Some species are listed below.

Ready to replate.  Encyclia mareae   Graphorchis scripta 

 Laelia pumila "Black Diamond" x self   Cattleya labiata semialba   Cattleya Rex Sophronitis brevipedunculata   Anoectochilus formosana 

 Goodyera schlectendaliana   Stanhopea martiana   Stanhopea stevensii 

 Eulophiella roempleriana "Finest Endeavour" x self

Culture.   In response to requests  DEFLASKING ORCHID SEEDLINGS   is reprinted from a previous Newsletter. 



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New in Flask


Recent germinations. 

Huntleya meleagris. Brazil. Lip yellow, sepals and petals half yellow, half red brown.

Pescatoria lehmanii. Colombia. Fls 8cm, white, veined red purple, lip deep purple mauve. Photo at top


Spathoglottis kimballiana (#1 x #BP) Philippines. Superb species, bright golden yellow fls to 8cm, terrestrial. Slightly large form x better shape form.

 Spathoglottis affinis 4N x S. plicata "bulbosa magenta". Tetraploid 8cm yellow x robust magenta  plicata.  

Spathoglottis plicata "red magenta "x S.affinis 4N.
  Vivid red magenta x Tetraploid yellow, perhaps stripes. 

Spathoglottis plicata "red magenta" x Kimballiana 4N. Vivid red magenta x x Tetraploid  8 cm yellow . Spath Freckle Face.

Spathoglottis plicata "bulbosa magenta" x self. Large robust form of plicata with large well shaped rounded pink to magenta fls.

Trichoglottis loheriana  Philippines Panicle of showy heavy textured fls, green, green yellow, with black spots and lines. Hansome plant even when not in flower.


    .Top New in Plants

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Aerides lawrenceae  Fl/size

Catasetum macrocarpum Fl/size

Dendrobium anceps  fl/size  

Dendrobium nobile albescens  Fl/size  

Dend rhodopterygium semialba Fl/size 

Laelia purpurata "Roxovioleta" advanced 3" basket  Photo right

Spathoglottis Freckle Face  Fl/size


Seedlings;  advanced 3" pot size

               Aerides krabiense  

               Dendrobium topaziacum  

               Phalaenopsis aphrodite 

               Phalaenopsis formosana 4N  

               Rhyncostylis retusa x Aerides falcatum  




Top Ready to Replate. 


      Anoectochilus formosana China. Jewel orchid.Exquisite, dark green leaf veined silver and gold.

      Cattleya labiata semialba. Brazil. White, purple lip. sib cross "Eva x Castro"
      Cattleya Rex. Peru Fls to 18cm, cream yellow.Lip rich bright yellow marked magenta.
      Encyclia mareae. Mexico Waxy green fls to 7 cm with large white flared lip. Fragrant, showy
      Eulophiella roempleriana "Finest Endeavour" x self  Madagascar Rose purple fls to 10 cm. Awarded clone selfed.Maybe cooler grower than reported ??
     Goodyera schlectendaliana. China Exquisite Jewel orchid. Vivid green , blotched silverwhite. Leaf to 7cm x 3 cm.
       Graphorchis scripta. Madagascar Small Catasetum like plant, showy panicle yellow spotted redbrown flowers.
      Laelia pumila "Black Diamond" x self  Brazil. Extra dark rose purple form.Dwarf grower, large flowers.
      Sophronitis brevipedunculata.Brazil  rose red, orange red like Soph coccinea. Minature. large flowers.
Stanhopea martiana. Mexico Huge fls, white with red markings.
     Stanhopea stevensoni.
Peru Rare species.Spikes of up to 8 fls, flowers rich dark yellow,column near white.
Click on species name to view photos

photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html  



Top Culture.   


Seedlings out of Flask

   Well, you've finally got your hot little hands on that hard to get species  at long last. Only trouble is, it's in a bottle, and how do you get it out of that and flowering in a six inch pot??

   Not so easily as you would hope.

   The seedlings are fragile, so check the bottle to see if they are big enough to come out.If not, place the flask in a dry, well lighted area, near a southern or northern window, but out of direct sunlight which will cook seedlings.

   When the seedlings are large enough for you to handle, harden them off by placing the flask under about 90% shade, DRY, for several days. Again, closer to a window for the extra light will do. I look for some roots showing thru on the bottom of the flask.

   Prepare your work area with a sheet of clean newspaper on the bench. Make sure the pot is clean, and the potting media is sterile (sterilise wet in an oven bag, 8 minutes in the microwave, This should  be appplied to all the medias.)

   Various potting media: 

   A mixture of fine bark and shredded polystyrene(isolite), 4 parts bark to 3 parts polystyrene. If your conditions are dry, add half a part shredded spaghnam moss or perlite to the mix.

   Shredded spaghnam moss and isolite ( coolite) 1:1. Microwave the moss first.

   Crushed treefern + fine bark equal parts.

   Spaghnam moss is used by a lot of experienced growers, but locally, it tends to break down rapidly. Peat moss should be sterilised wet in an oven bag, 8 minutes in the microwave, if perlite and peat moss is your choice. This should also be appplied to all the medias.

   The biggest danger to flask seedlings is soil and water borne pathogens, so keep everything clean.

   Remove the seedlings from the bottle, either by washing them out or breaking the bottle. Wash the seedlings in warm water, not cold, so that all agar gel is removed. Place the seedlings on a clean sheet of newspaper and allow to dry to dampness.

   With a small pot well crocked, pot the seedlings together into a community pot, they like to be together, and will do better this way than potted singly. About an inch of potting media is all that is required.

   Water the pot well, and allow to drain. There is a product called "Envy", which can then be sprayed onto the seedlings. This coats the leaves and helps prevent the seedlings drying out. It is an aid, not an essential, an antitranspirant.

   To protect the seedlings, it is a good idea to use a humidity crib. A coolite box with two inches of wet sand in the bottom and a sheet of glass over the top will do, sit the pot of seedlings on the wet sand. Cling wrap can also be used, with a few holes punched in it to allow air movement. If a sheet of glass is used, ensure it is not sealing the top of the box, as some ventilation is needed. A few notches cut into the box will allow air in.

   Translucent storage bins with lids, from the junk shops, discounters, work very well. Remember to punch a hole in the bottom.

   Most seedlings die from Too Much Water. For the next few days, very lightly mist the leaves. Keep the seedlings in heavy shade.Frequent light misting will prevent dehydration and encourage new root growth, without keeping the media wet.

   After a few days, the cover can be partly removed and the seedlings watered so that they are just damp but not wet. Hormone formula and very weak fertiliser can then be used, and as the seedlings establish, the cover can be removed altogether and seedlings placed in brighter light.

  Fungicides should not be used on the seedlings, as a growth inhibiting effect can be caused by fungicides. If there is a problem with fungus or mould, it means the conditions are too wet, so cut water, ensure ventilation is sufficient, and let the seedlings dry out a bit. In fact, most fungus problems in an orchid house can be fixed by reducing water and increasing ventilation.

   Once the seedlings are established and grown to their second lead or new larger leaf, they can be potted singly into small pots. One local orchid grower whom I wont mention, leaves several seedlings in the one pot (or basket), and when Alf Steel's Barkerias flower ( photo left), there is an instant specimen display. 

  Growing seedlings from flask is a technique to be learnt, and once mastered, can be very rewarding, especially when YOUR babies start to flower.

  Text & photo Ian Walters. May be reproduced provided source acknowledged.

More photos at   www.speciesorchids.com/photos.html  


  Top Seed.  of SPECIES orchids.


  Email to ianbpon(at)speciesorchids.com (Please  substitute @  for (at) to avoid Spam) for the latest

 list of seed available in packets enough to prepare 3 to 4 flasks. Cattleya, Coryanthes, Dendrobium,  Oncidium, Laelia, Aerides with more added as harvested. All seed dated at collection, airmail post world wide and there is no restriction on orchid seed. 



  Conservation of cloud forest flora and fauna.   

Join Cloud Forest Institute THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT INITIATIVE PLEASE SEE "http://www.cloudforest.org" FOR MORE INFORMATION Join Cloud Forest Institute, a federally recognized 501(c)3 to fund a wildlife corridor in the Ecuadorian Tropical Andes and protect it - forever! The two parcels comprising of 840-acres of Cloud Forest in the Ecuadorian Paso Alto Range of the Andes in the Cambugan Watershed is home to jaguars, spectacled bears, over 300 species of ORCHIDS, and the highest number of endemic amphibian and  bird species in the WORLD. Concerned people are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations and create honorary groves in their name.  



Flasks are EXEMPT under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Title 50, Part 23, Subpart C, Appendix II. S 23.23 (d) (6) Specifically exempted: For orchidacea species: (i) in Appendix I, seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers.  

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For those not following Australian politics, the Government has come in for some critisism over spending. A recent political report started by saying, " we know what they are doing with the money, we just dont know what wall they are doing it against."

Another report started " If Julia ( Prime Minister) and Wayne ( Deputy) can whip their parties into line before the next election, they could get a job herding cats."

Ever imagine herdings  cats??

         1001 rules I forgot

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18. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put
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19. A closed mouth gathers no foot.
20. Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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